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Sensitive subjects

Sensitive subjects
Q: From that moment, I unfortunately practice masturbation, but repeatedly tried to get rid of them, and God willing, I think I'll get rid of them, but I .... ..... me The question and I am a girl had at twenty answer atheist certainly helps to get rid of the habit that, God willing, and the final habit practiced .......... total clitoris (sorry), that I do not try after all the openings at all, so I do not know through these openings in the beginning, by God, but .... this way can the hymen and not even using tools or closed finger introduced are produced as Blood or other Hasit these sticky secretions .... nothing down, but at the moment I think menstrual cycle is over and I take off 3 5 days and 6 hours, this time after only four days, and I realized that I had left Your practice, unfortunately, that you are in the middle of the day, the fifth day of the session of all your goals and after exercise, and as usual, on the surface of the hemorrhage was observed c…