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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

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Colon Cancer 2017

Very important for patients with colon cancer 2017 colon cancer: A treatment that improves overall survival on You will earn 60% of the patient's health Colon cancer, colon cancer symptoms, colorectal cancer treatment
Treatment of Colon Cancer, by StageTreating stage 0 colon cancerTreating stage I colon cancerTreating stage II colon cancerTreating stage III colon cancer Treating stage IV colon cancer
Treating recurrent colon cancer
  What is the disease and how it cures Correctly cancer is a type of cancer that affects the colon (colon). The colon is the last part of the large intestine, from the digestive system. Colon cancer (rectum - Rectum) is a cancer in the last 15 centimeters of the colon. These two types of cancer call, together, correctly cancer, or: "correctly cancer".
In most cases, colon cancer begins as a small mass of non-cancerous cells called "polyp" and "animator's polyp". After a period of time, the polyps that…

Serious illness 2017

Serious illness A serious and deadly disease that has no treatment transmitted by a new type of bug tick ... See this way

Colon Cancer 2017
Pregnancy and Birth
Secrets of the health and beauty of women Scientists for a new type of ticks can be declared a killer and bearer of this summer's disease, especially in developing countries, and maybe this type of ticks is the worst ever in terms of increased numbers and the ability to transfer the diseases Tick ​​is a small insect of animals belonging to spiders and scorpions, a group living in humid and hot habitats around the world. "Rebecca Eisen" (a scientist at the Department of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) In the United States) that these diseases are transmitted through this type of ticks should be considered and should be on the prevention of all of them, especially in the spring and summer, where this more active type
The diseases caused by this type of ticks which are best known as the "Powassan" diseas…

child health care

child health care From the Most Popular Parents Campaign. Simple actions that parents can take to prevent illness, malformation, trauma, accidents and social care

What is health food


all uninsured kids and teens
By Alessia Altavilla Parents are protagonists of their own children's health since conception. And, therefore, responsible, in good and evil, of their psycho-physical state. Starting from this premise, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Veneto Region, the Italian Federation of Pediatric Physicians and Unicef, has promoted the Parents' Campaign campaign, which is best placed to introduce the Seven Simple Actions that Moms and Dads can implement to Preventing illnesses, malformations, traumas, accidents, obesity, infections, cognitive and relational difficulties. 7actions for the health of the child from conception onwards
Preconception: The importance of folic acid: Folic acid is a vitamin taken before conception and during the fi…

pregnant woman giving birth

pregnancy on birth control Tips during pregnancy and childbirth
Case motherhood. For a pregnancy and a natural childbirth
The Maternity Homes are ideal for those who want to experience pregnancy (and after delivery) in a completely natural way in which the proposal obstetrics adapts to hear specific to each individual woman.
pregnant on birth control

pregnancy test

positive pregnancy test FECUNDACIÓN, PREGNANCY and BIRTHDAY pregnancy test positive pregnancy test pregnancy test false positive icd 10 code for positive pregnancy test

Once the gametes are formed, for a new being to occur, it is necessary for the ovum and the sperm to merge and join together, this process is called fertilization. In the human species the fertilization is internal, that is to say it takes place inside the body of the woman, concretely in the Tubes of Fallopian.


Women need health care even when they are well. When they are sick all the more in need of care, but also In this section we have updated information on vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, the prevention of cancer.
We also talk about infertility and, in addition to issues in which health problem are added problems of protection and respect for women's rights.
You can write us to ask questions that are not at the site, and we can support you from a distance if you want to talk to someone.
You can also ask advice on what you are already doing, but also on where a specialized center of the regional health service near you.
Women sometimes need to talk with other women, and to share their problem, not always the forums are the right place where to get information, although they may be an important moment of sharing.
Our information is independent of any interest, and the centers they send are public or accredited  centers of recognized …

Secrets of the health and beauty of women

Secrets of the health and beauty of women health  The secreof the beauty of the French mirror
Surely more than once you have heard that the secret to others perceive your beauty is a safe approach, but also the importance of learning to love and appreciate yourself first. Just change posture and have more self-confidence to show the world how beautiful you are. If you do not believe look at these photos Being in top shape will give a little advantage woman, if she did not also possess that glowing complexion that is the finishing touch and the hallmark of a good tell you clearly, sir - and the same goes for men - the secret to get a beautiful and glowing skin is in three simple rules: temperance, exercise and cleanliness. "Written in 1858 by one of the most beautiful women of the time," the art of Beauty "is a cosmetic tricks and nutritional uses balanced, to reach the canonical beauty on the European model, a very current text that contains, among other things, good ad…

healthy food

healthy food
With a wrong criterion, according to a new study: we tend to think that if something costs so much is also healthy
healthy food Dimenticativi labeled with nutritional values, the list of ingredients and the approval of experts: according to a new study people who shop evaluate a food as healthy only when it costs more. The study, which will be published shortly in the Journal of Consumer Research,

Lose weight too quickly

Lose weight too quickly - Hurts Lose weight or lose weight
Weight loss is an intervention, or better a dietary path, useful to reduce a certain amount of body fat; often the term is associated with weight loss weight reduction, but NOT 'SAID that the two terms are synonymous
The loss of weight is performed by reduction of the total body mass, then indiscriminately, and NOT in itself exerts a protective effect "direct" from a metabolic point of view; it is undeniable that a joint load weighing on the lower back and joints of the lower limbs can benefit the healthy but obese, in metabolic terms, is not weight loss (or better than indiscriminate MASS), but losing weight, to exercise real preventive effect. On the other hand, in the excess weight, the loss of mass indiscriminate also provides for a reduction of the "body fat" (fat mass - FM) with consequent improvement in metabolic parameters; nevertheless, if the food therapy is NOT balanced, the risk is to under…

Weight loss of 5 kg in a week

Weight loss of 5 kg in a week In the last week you have lost 5 kg