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New How to lose your new weight


Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Early ejaculation-Encephalitis-Cerebral edema

Pulmonary edema Pulmonary edema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the lungs, which causes them to swell.
Causes: Pulmonary edema is usually caused by heart failure. When the heart does not work well, pressure in the veins passes through the lungs and starts to rise. As the pressure in these blood vessels increases, the fluid is pushed into air spaces (alveoli) in the lungs. This fluid interrupts the normal circulation of oxygen through the lungs, resulting in a lack of breath. Pulmonary edema may be caused by damage directly to the lung, such as the one caused by poisonous gases or serious infections. Lungs damage with a build up of body fluids was also detected with renal failure.

Dysthymia-Anal pain-Knee pain-Menstrual cramps

Weakness We mean weakness a reduction in the strength of one or more muscles. The weakness can be generalized (total bodily weakness) or localized to only one area, body side, a particular point, or muscle. It is more serious when it is localized, because it can follow a stroke, burn or injury. Weakness can be objective or subjective.

Muscle cramps-Kidney stones-Bladder calculations

Bladder calculations Bladder calculations are accumulation of hard minerals that form in the urinary bladder.
Causes: Bladder calculations are usually the result of another urological problem, such as:
Bladder divert; Prostate enlargement; Bladder neurogen; Urinary tract infections. Approximately 95% of all bladder calculations occur in men but are much less common in kidney stones. Bladder calculations can occur when urine in the bladder is concentrated and the materials crystallize. Symptoms occur when the calculation is irritating to the bladder coating or hampers the flow of urine from the bladder.

bronchospasm-Stomach ache-Stock Exchange

Obstructive chronic bronchopneumopathy (COPD) Obstructive chronic bronchopneumopathy (COPD) is one of the most common pulmonary diseases. There are two main forms of COPD: chronic bronchitis, which involves coughing with long lasting mucus, and the emphysema, which involves the destruction of lungs over time. Most people with COPD have a combination of both conditions.


Ataxia Friedreich's Ataxia is an inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system causing symptoms ranging from muscle weakness to speech problems on the one hand and heart disease on the other. He is called by the name of the physician Nicholas Friedreich, who initially described the condition in the 1860s. "Ataxia", which refers to problems of coordination, such as awkward movements and lack of stability, oAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopmental disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and repetitive and restricted stereotypical behavior patterns.


Asbestosis It is a respiratory disease that is produced by inhalation of asbestos fibers. Asbestos is the name given to a group of naturally occurring minerals found in the environment, too, has long fibers that can be separated and are resistant to high temperatures.

arteriosclerosis-Osteoarthritis-Rheumatoid arthritis

Arteriosclerosis Atherosclerosis is a condition caused by the formation of plaque in the arteries, that is, the blood vessels where the blood carries oxygen and nutrients, which causes its obstruction.

appendicitis _ Arrhythmias _ Sleep apnea

Appendicitis The appendix is ​​located near the point where the small intestine and colon meet, and can sometimes become infected. Spanish society is already familiar with this disease: it is not a common condition but requires a surgical treatment called appendectomy for the removal of the appendix. Usually, the intervention is followedObstructive sleep apnea is a respiratory pathology characterized by people who suffer from it usually snore, have breathing stops (apneas) repeatedly and drowsiness during the day. As a consequence, the patients who sObstructive sleep apnea is a respiratory pathology characterized by people who suffer from it usually snore, have breathing stops (apneas) repeatedly and drowsiness during the day. As a consequence, the patients who suffer from it can not rest well during the hours of sleep.


Anisakiasis Anisakiasis is a parasitic condition that is acquired when eating certain foods, such as fish or any raw or undercooked cephalopod containing a larva of the anisakiadae family.
Anisakis is a parasite between 20 and 30 millimeters long whose larvae are housed in multiple marine species and from which man becomes an accidental host. The types of fish that most frequently contain this parasite are hake and bonito but those that produce more cases of anisakiasis are others, such as anchovies, anchovies and sardines.

anemia-Aortic aneurysm-Angina pectoris

Anemia The ideal treatment for anemia consists of four important things pomegranate . Eggplant. Beets. Black honey extracted from cane sugar Anemia is a condition whereby the hemoglobin level is decreased in the red blood cells. These  globules are responsible for delivering oxygen to the tissues. This hemoglobin is the iron rich protein that gives blood red and at the same time allows red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.


Alzheimer Alzheimer's is a primary neurodegenerative disorder that usually appears after age 65, but may also occur among younger people. When a person suffers from Alzheimer's disease, he experiences microscopic changes in the tissue of certain parts of his brain and a progressive but constant loss of a chemical, vital for brain function called acetylcholine. This substance allows nerve cells to communicate with each other and is involved in mental activities linked to learning, memory and thinking.

Allergy_Pollen allergy_ALLERGIES_Food allergies

Allergy Allergies, also called hypersensitivity reactions, are exaggerated responses of the immune system (the defenses of our body) when coming into contact with certain substances, called allergens. Its appearance is intensified in spring, because one of the most frequent groups of allergens are the pollen, reproductive cells of plants that proliferate during this season. Other allergens are environmental fungi, dust mites and epithelia of some animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and rodents. Allergic reactions may include certain foods or drugs and insect bites such as bees or wasps.

Heartburn_Mouth Acne_Canker sores

The acidity of the stomach is a kind of burning or burning up to the larynx. It is normal for the cardia (the part of the stomach closer to the esophagus) to remain closed while the digestion is done. Occasionally, however, this valve relaxes and passes the gastric acids into the esophagus. This process is called gastroesophageal reflux.

Secrets of Disease Control and Prevention 2018

Health Dictionary  Disease and treatment Definition of disease                                           rare Disease Information - Databases and News Article                            
health proCenters for Disease Control & Prevention -blems and solutions obsolete :  trouble :  a condition of the living or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms :  sickness, malady infectious diseases a rare genetic disease heart disease

 a harmful development (as in a social institution) sees the city's crime as a disease
Examples of disease in a Sentence He suffers from a rare genetic disease. a disease of the mind Thousands die of heart disease each year. They are working to stop the spread of disease in rural areas. The article cites intolerance as one of the most dangerous of society's diseases. He sees crime as a disease that too often plagues the poor and disadvantaged Centers for Disease …

Colon Cancer 2018

Very important for patients with colon cancer 2018 colon cancer: A treatment that improves overall survival on You will earn 60% of the patient's health Colon cancer, colon cancer symptoms, colorectal cancer treatment
Treatment of Colon Cancer, by StageTreating stage 0 colon cancerTreating stage I colon cancerTreating stage II colon cancerTreating stage III colon cancer Treating stage IV colon cancer
Treating recurrent colon cancer GENERAL IN FORMATIONS
  What is the disease and how it cures Correctly cancer is a type of cancer that affects the colon (colon). The colon is the last part of the large intestine, from the digestive system. Colon cancer (rectum - Rectum) is a cancer in the last 15 centimeters of the colon. These two types of cancer call, together, correctly cancer, or: "correctly cancer".
In most cases, colon cancer begins as a small mass of non-cancerous cells called "polyp" and "animator's polyp". After a period of time, the polyps that…

Serious illness 2018

Serious illness A serious and deadly disease that has no treatment transmitted by a new type of bug tick ... See this way
Colon Cancer 2018
Pregnancy and Birth
Secrets of the health and beauty of women Scientists for a new type of ticks can be declared a killer and bearer of this summer's disease, especially in developing countries, and maybe this type of ticks is the worst ever in terms of increased numbers and the ability to transfer the diseases Tick ​​is a small insect of animals belonging to spiders and scorpions, a group living in humid and hot habitats around the world. "Rebecca Eisen" (a scientist at the Department of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) In the United States) that these diseases are transmitted through this type of ticks should be considered and should be on the prevention of all of them, especially in the spring and summer, where this more active type
The diseases caused by this type of ticks which are best known as the "Powassan" diseas…

child health care

child health care From the Most Popular Parents Campaign. Simple actions that parents can take to prevent illness, malformation, trauma, accidents and social care

What is health food


all uninsured kids and teens
By Alessia Altavilla Parents are protagonists of their own children's health since conception. And, therefore, responsible, in good and evil, of their psycho-physical state. Starting from this premise, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Veneto Region, the Italian Federation of Pediatric Physicians and Unicef, has promoted the Parents' Campaign campaign, which is best placed to introduce the Seven Simple Actions that Moms and Dads can implement to Preventing illnesses, malformations, traumas, accidents, obesity, infections, cognitive and relational difficulties. 7actions for the health of the child from conception onwards
Preconception: The importance of folic acid: Folic acid is a vitamin taken before conception and during the fi…