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New How to lose your new weight


Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

To preserve the of teeth

Maintain the dental
Important Tips for Keeping Teeth Strong and Healthy

Use the brush after a meal is the best way and follow the following:

- Avoid consumption of sticky foods and other toothpicks, which is a feast for bacteria after a meal lasts several hours.

... The maintenance of healthy teeth. Helps maintain a healthy stomach

- Try to eat soft drinks and fruit juices, absorbent. Because these beverages contain acids eroded due to the enamel of the teeth. The use of less absorption effect of these drinks on the teeth

- Try using blotting papers to clean teeth manually. This approach eliminates plaques and bacterial debris. Some manufacturers make "tooth" towels to erase after a meal.

- Wash your mouth with water and eat plenty of water after Alokl.lonha help clean debris that feed them Baktiria.kma caustic soda water and fruit juice containing remains attack with acid enamel teeth. (This is one of the advantages of rinsing the mouth with each light also ordered our religion)

- …

Doctor Yourself

Mesh Aaoz doctor You are a doctor yourself. There are several natural factors help to maintain good health without a doctor. Fitness and maintaining Exercise and the exercise of certain activities such as running and playing football with friends in once a week at least help you to activate blood circulation to your body and get blood all over the body, which helps to stimulate the heart and memory for a longer period. Drinking water a day, equivalent to six cups a day, at least it helps to supply the body with many advantages SANITARY important ones activate the kidneys to work efficiently Ndarh skin and maintain a wet skin help supply hair nutrition and due diligence, as it helps to burn fat from the body and eliminate weight problems excess. Eating fruits and vegetables a day, which helps to lack of heart attack and lower incidence of cancer and maintain good health all the time Eating fish twice a week, which helps to balance chemical substances in the brain and Fish also numerou…

Yeast Infections

Excruciating painA new report conducted by a number of doctors from 2017 for scattered Khamriya infection-causing gout and arthritis, also causing such as some mother skeletonexcruciating pain . Irregular. Gout. Arthritis. And methods of prevention
Many people feel excruciating pain because of some common diseases strongly and these diseases Khmer irregular and having effects in numerous arthritis, muscle pain, gout
Khmer described the above
Painful inflammation of the joints really, and it can be caused by the spread of gout, fibromyalgia, resulting from systemic infections and are becoming more and more prevalent in today's society we live in modern society. These previous diseases will be very debilitating to humans and can lead to total disability problems and excruciating pain
 The deformation of bone tissue and the impact on the skeleton. Many people are losing their movement until they lose the use of their hands for tasks so common and simple.
Excruciating pain can sometimes pe…

The Enemy Inside You - Women's Health

Three-quarters of women who suffer in Western countries, and this type of infections Prevention and treatmentIt KNP infection and produced in the thick of the vagina and lead to vaginal discharge, white with cheese appearance and affect the Jodalrahh during intimate relationship. Almost will suffer a many women in Western countries, this type of infection once in their lives, which affect many remain there.
Many of them will have to continue permanent.
Candida infections that lead to chronic disease. As a matter of fact, chronic Permanent Candida, Owalty the resulting disease.
 What is the definition of a fungal infection locally or systemically show with a particular impact on women, particularly on women in Western countries. The most common type of this disease is the enemy chronic resulting Khamriya.
 It is a vaginal infection and that the typical symptoms include a feeling of burning and itching and the release of smelly undesirable
Especially around the vaginal area.
 Three-quarters o…

Smart Kids - Food for the Brain

Smart Kids - Food for the Brain The researchers stressed in the field of Pediatrics, in a new article published earlier this year in 2017 as there are five foods have an impact and effective powers in making the child more intelligent Fish
the milk
peanut butter
We are always looking for permanent solutions and documented for many of the health problems and methods of prevention. And methods of treatment In our theme this. Interest us your child's health. In order to maintain the good health Aliki some tips Magical healthier foods to your child's brain and become more intelligent. If you aspire to be your kids intelligently supernatural and sound mind, Newspaper "Children" also published the arrival of one of its solutions by newly Health magazine, which many of the important things, which referred to by many researchers in the field of Medicine shows baby food to baby food should include several foods, a major types of foods that make them more intelligent a…

Smoking causes migraines

Smoking causes migraines
Sister is one of the most common headaches that are caused by problems with the nerves and blood vessels and brain chemicals, and his sister is more common in women.
- A new study published in the journal) to give (msystems that people who suffer from migraines have a higher number of bacteria or germs in the mouth and digestive tract.
- There is a belief of the existence of a link between migraine attacks and the type of food you eat that contaminated migraine or sister, for example, chocolate, and the types of food alcohol stimulates the heart's sister while others may be related to the proximity of nitrates now.
- There are 38 million migraine sufferers in the US and see a lot of them have a connection between migraine and record the amount of nitrates and other nutrients. It should be noted that the nitrates in foods such as processed meats and green vegetables. In addition, the presence of a certain medication.
- It is necessary to further stu…

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure . Some important points and methods of prevention and care of them

Influenza flu
Our topic in today's address the most important seasonal diseases, which is affected by many with a different age.

Influenza infection, which primitive with the cold weather and affect more in cold climates, and increases the risk of this infection following age groups older, and children specifically, and people rendered suffering from overdose and chronic diseases and intensify the incidence of these infections on both suffer from asthma, immune deficiency, diabetes and heart and bronchitis.
The cause of infection among children cold infections of the middle ear and inflammation of the respiratory device roles,
 Here now are some important care and which has its principal role in the care of (the flu) Points

. Take care of personal hygiene (washing hands thoroughly continuously)
. Obligation not to use third-party tools. Such as the towel. Soap. etc
. Always a commitme…

A prerequisite for descent of the egg in the womb

The conditions essential for the descent of the egg in the uterus. Our theme this talk about some important points that have a significant effect on female Menstruation This role of women suffer from several problems which may affect the body and the soul. Among the most prominent problem affecting the menstrual cycle of women, which is a prerequisite for the descent of the egg in the uterus, in preparation for fertilization by the sperm of different start a new life.

What is the menstrual cycle
PMS or menstrual period is a set of changes that affect the lining of the uterus, where Vtnfsal and disintegrate and descend into the cervix to come out of the body, and this process is repeated once a month, and for this reason is called Balchehrih. Affect your session consists of several members of the pituitary hormones most responsible for regulating the secretion and ovarian rate that keeps the eggs, mental state, which strongly affect the ease or difficulty of course.
Date of the me…

Way impact on hygiene (cupping)

It must be implemented cupping (vessels) for the least possible number of points and no extravagance in the use of those points, and perhaps the best witness to that the Prophet did, where he was Aanjamh in more times Moadaa three areas, and perhaps for us in that pause for reflection and forethought, therefore method reported impact in the conservation Health, fulfilling recovering obsolescent ones.
It should look at some of the therapeutic applications of some of the diseases that require the use of many of the points are compelling Ktaatba, for example, the nerve path and succession, and can be used to dry and bloody harmony cupping in those cases with each other, and taking into account the needs of each individual case, the cure an individual rather than a collective in determining method of treatment for each patient, the medicine also gives wisdom and not Balhvan (tide), you should consider a number of points taken from the treatment.
And review the following are the…

And modern means of physical therapy

physical therapy

Here below, the means of physical therapy, and their benefits and caveats in the treatment of many pathological syndromes so as to be indicative as a guide in choosing the way of effective physical therapy with General disease problems and pain syndromes private. physical therapy Paraffin wax is used in physical therapy and a thermal range between 40 to 44Acirc; ° c, the heat that we get from hot wax is used to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints.
Matthew used -joint pain. 2. stiff joints. 3. Some conditions such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism. Where benefit? This technique is applied to the joints of the foot and hands . Where it should not be used ? In the treatment area, which includes: . open wound. . Cut. . burns. . skin degradation. | Benefits . treatment of pain and stiffness in the joints.  soft and moist skin becomes.. cause uncomfortable effects. Processing time: the time of treatment continuation about 3045 BC. Cryotherapy uses t…

Protect the child from infection with many viral infections

Breastfeeding in protecting the child from infection with many viral infections

A study by researchers from Finland for the role of breastfeeding in protecting the child from infection with many viral infections, where it was found that breast milk reduces the risk of this type of disease, which is commonly spread among children. According to the researchers explained, they are specialists from the "Tampere University" and "University of Helsinki" in Finland, the results of a study they conducted on infants, breastfeeding helps the child to resist infections caused by the bacteria "Alanteroveros" through a grant antibodies to fight it showed .
Family "Alanteroveros" includes a large group of viruses that are spread by nasal spray, saliva and feces, or through contact with surfaces contaminated with secretions of an infected person, which may cause the appearance of respiratory symptoms such as colds, or gastroenteritis, and may develop infectio…

Alternative Medicine

Important components of the islands • it contains a large amount of vitamin A is used in the treatment of night blindness, as well as B vitamins - B 2 - B 6 - c - and - d • material β carotene, which works to purify the body of toxins, a carrot that gives its distinctive color. • Like other roots contain a high percentage of carbohydrates in the form of a variety of sugars. • contains some proteins and amino acids. • it contains a large amount of influence alkaline salts which have a direct impact in the fight against viruses and strengthen the immune system and potassium salts in which a small amount of sodium and calcium salts and a little boron, iodine and others.
What are the main benefits of medical carrots • islands properties of antibiotics, it destroys the bacteria that appear in the intestine and viruses that appear in the blood. • Carrot juice is used to get rid of intestinal infections in the healing of stomach ulcers and it worked as an assistant to medicines and herbs that…