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New How to lose your new weight


Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Pediatrics and neonatal

Breastfeeding useful for the physical and psychological health of the best for you and your baby Breastfeeding useful for the physical and psychological health of the best for you and your baby, in spite of its importance, however, many mothers may control in them some false beliefs that hinder born without the full benefit of breast milk, and these beliefs: 1-not a full breast milk will not satisfy my baby: Natural mother not to feel fuller breast milk soon after birth, according to The body adapts to the needs of the baby milk and can increase suddenly occur to meet the growing needs of the child. 2-My baby sleeps a lot during the night, to be full of it: Not necessarily, newborn child needs to wake up to get it needed milk. 3-My baby's crying and banging going on during lactation is an insatiable need for industrial feed: There are many reasons to cry, not necessarily assume that the milk, because crying and agitation of the natural things in children from the age of 6-8 weeks,…

Medications containing domperidone

Medications containing domperidone Domperidone-containing medicines have been authorised nationally in individual Member States of the EU for the treatment of nausea and vomiting of various causes but also for the management of symptoms such as bloating, discomfort and heartburn.
The review of domperidone was carried out at the request of the Belgian medicines authority over concerns about the medicine’s effects on the heart. The injectable form of domperidone was withdrawn in 1985 because of such side effects. Serious effects on the heart with domperidone, including prolongation of the QT interval (an alteration of the electrical activity of the heart) and arrhythmias (unstable heartbeats), have previously been evaluated by the EMA and the product information updated with relevant warnings. However, cases of heart problems in patients using the medicine continued to be reported, and the PRAC was therefore asked to examine whether the benefits still outweighed the risks for these medic…

False beliefs about breastfeeding

False beliefs about breastfeeding Some mothers Asedkn some erroneous beliefs about breastfeeding, raising fears, Alakn examples of such false beliefs and correct every mother is going to breastfeed her child. 1_alarzaah natural damage and destroy breast Right: a lot of women think that breastfeeding is primarily responsible for the sagging and the large size of Tdaihn but the pregnancy is the main reason for the change the shape and appearance of the breasts, where overweight and because the breast is preparing to secrete milk at the beginning of pregnancy even if you will not Taatmkny of feeding your baby, nor We must not overlook the genetic factors and age. 2_ that with small breasts or flat nipple mother will not be able to breast-feed small. Reality: The size of the breast or nipple type that does not affect the milk production does not affect the ability of rallying to breastfeed small Valtda and nipple all Ohjammehma and forms they can satisfy the child, as there are some ladie…

Loss weight with water

Loss weight with water
Successful weight loss strategies are characterized as adopting small changes and the loss of medium and objectives realistic and logical weight; as a person who loses a little weight choice high-healthy foods contents of nutrients with the practice of sport is more likely to keep the weight they lose and more opportunity to get the health benefits of a person who loses a lot of weight by following a diet creator is built on solid foundations

Benefits of water in weight loss
It helps to drink adequate amounts of water on the feeling of satiety, and reduces the amount of food intake, as it prevents the intake of food, which sometimes gets because of thirst instead of hunger, as if the person deals with some of the foods that contain water to compensate for his sense of thirst rather than addressing water directly, as it can be mixed with a person's sense of hunger and thirst, so that does not distinguish it just needs to drink water and not to eat.

Found that dr…

Weight loss tips

Weight loss tips
It may be difficult to lose the first 10 kg when dieting or diet to lose weight and regain fitness again.
But in (your life) assure that you can challenge and very simplified, without depriving many foods, only you can very consciously and with a desire to regain fitness, that to tracking this diet, to lose 10 kilos of weight during the month, but the most beautiful thing it is that it performs over the long (one month) and weight decrease gradually, and in a healthy way. As well as the loss of 10 kilometers without fear of them back again. Here's an effective diet regime: The first three days
You can eat what you want to eat and the quantities suitable condition but stick fast deadlines are as follows: Breakfast: eight o'clock in the morning Lunch: one o'clock pm Dinner: sixth pm The first and second week (the seventh day of each week is a day of rest from the accursed)
the breakfast:
Uniform each day during this phase and be 6 to 9:00. Tea or coffee wit…

Important tips

Important tipsTen tips to reduce the risk of stroke:. controlling blood pressure.
. control of blood sugar.
. Stay away from smoking.
. Exercising daily.
. lowering cholesterol.
. followers of the diet.
. reduced salt diet.
. periodic examinations to detect and may reduce the risk of disease.
. Dealing with the psychological pressures and stresses of everyday life and use relaxation exercises.
. Follow-up treatment of chronic diseases such as heart disease and anemia may cause a stroke if left untreated, and periodic follow-up.

Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet: There is no standardized diet for the disease, all patients get upset and affected by different types of foods, so it avoid these foods, which detects personal experience.
Laxatives: use fiber-rich foods and medicines laxatives to combat chronic constipation.
Antispasmodics: used drugs antispasmodic for the treatment of pain (colic), preferably administered before meals, half an hour to avoid cramping before it happens.


CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE (CAD) • Blockage of one or more arteries that supply blood to the heart.
• Usually due to accumulation of atheromatous plaques & hardening of the arteries, also called atherosclerosis. CAUSES / RISK FACTORS • Heredity • High levels of cholesterol in the blood • Smoking • Diabetes • Obesity • High blood pressure • High-fat diet • Lack of exercise • Emotional stress SIGNS & SYMPTOMS • Cardiac arrest • Chest pain/discomfort that may radiate to shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back (usually left side) and tends to get worse during exertion (physical activity/exercise) • Shortness of breath • Palpitations (rapid or strong heartbeat) • Irregular heartbeat • Dizziness or fainting TREATMENT NEED MEDICAL CONSULTATION • Medical treatment includes: 1) Lower cholesterol levels 2) Control blood pressure 3) Control diabetes Invasive cardiovascular interventions: • Coronary bypass operation Medications: • Includes relief of chest pain, control of tachycardia (fast hear…


Lack of hemoglobin in the blood, or the so-called anemia
Lack of hemoglobin in the blood, or the so-called anemia of the most serious diseases affecting individuals, hemoglobin is a protein types problem of blood containing iron, and that the task of the transport of oxygen to the different cells of the body and the transfer of carbon dioxide to the lungs for disposal in exhaling process, any shortage of hemoglobin affects the blood work in general, and result in a lot of serious symptoms that make the body in the danger zone. * The reasons for the lack of hemoglobin in the blood Genetic factors - Incidence of thalassemia. - Do not eat healthy food rich in nutrients, especially iron, such as meat and legumes - Excessive intake of takeaway full of harmful substances is useful, where she was a person of satiety. - The menstrual cycle in which women lose a lot of blood volume. - Pregnancy and Birth - Blood loss caused by bleeding and exposure to various accidents and surgeries - Inciden…

blood pressure

blood pressure

What is natural for humans pressure rate Is the blood pressure a vital signs in the human body is a sign of cardiovascular health. When the heart pumps blood to the cells in the human body, the blood to pay the walls of blood vessels, which is transmitted through them, forming pressure it is known as the blood pressure was measured using a millimeter mercurial. And it divides the blood pressure measurement into two parts there is blood pressure Naqbadi which indicates the amount of blood pressure when the heart contracts and the other is the blood pressure Allenbsati which indicates the blood pressure in the event energizes the heart, expressed in blood pressure peek pressure Naqbadi blood, which is the highest usually from the other on the pressure diastolic blood in the form of break and this amount is normal for a person by millimeters 120/80 mmHg. But when the systolic blood pressure to between 12-139 millimeters of mercury and diastolic to between 80-89 mmHg human…

Nutrients and health benefits

Nutrients and health benefits   very helpful almithalonidz
benefits of pomegranate The most important benefits of the pomegranate: Mine vitamins: Help eating 175 grams of pomegranate to fill nearly 30% of the daily requirement of the body of vitamin "C" and about 36% of the daily requirement for vitamin "K", in addition to his riches in folic acid and potassium. Anti-oxidant: The material, which is particularly Ponikalagain available in pomegranate juice, a powerful antioxidant; it contains three times the antioxidants available in green tea, for example. Anti-inflammatory: Features pomegranate effect an anti-inflammatory, especially in the digestive tract. Studies have shown that eating 250 Melltra of pomegranate juice daily for 3 months reduces the signs of inflammation in the body by about a third. Lower blood pressure: Often causes high blood pressure in serious health problems, such as heart attacks and strokes. And contributes to eating pomegranate juice regul…

First Aid by a diabetic

First Aid by a diabetic How ambulance diabetes

Diabetes is the result of an imbalance in blood sugar levels, the ratio was sugar in the blood of infected high or low often leads to loss of consciousness Natural ratio of sugar in the blood is 70 milligrams How can aid patients with diabetes? Markers to distinguish between high and low blood sugar Symptoms of decline Severe fatigue, trembling hands, pale and sweating and rapid coma Symptoms of altitude Frequent urination, thirst, high temperature, vomiting and deep breathing and slow coma How to aid diabetics 1-infected Bankgad for sugar That the person is conscious then giving him the amount of juice or sugary foods or a piece of sugar sustained in a glass of water with Every patient The loss of consciousness or failed previous measures do not give him anything and must be transferred immediately to the nearest health center 2. For the infected, up sugar That the person is conscious refrain from eating any sugars That was Eachd medicat…

things that affect the menstrual cycle

things that affect the menstrual cycle
Daily details affect the menstrual cycle You know that contraception, pregnancy, and some medical things such as insomnia disorders necessarily affect the menstrual cycle, but there are other details Taychenha every day are in turn affect, if starting your course change the schedule, I became more severe, longer, lighter, less regular, you have to sequential etiology , they reflect the health condition as a whole. While some things, such as tension, stress can temporarily affect, but some other health problems need scrutiny and follow-up, and describes the doctor: Nihad Farouk gynecologist and obstetrics and infertility if your daily life carry a lot to translate your period of her appearance and timing: ■ tension and stress Alhadan: You know Madam that tension and stress Itlaaban Bdortk, but when Tand things, and become more frequent turns it to what is more serious, life today is full of such factors, either on the job or university or at home…

Delay childbearing

Delay childbearing There are many reasons for the delay in reproduction, but can be divided into three main reasons  - Reasons related to the pair Such as the severe shortage in the number of sperm of the husband and says the World Health Organization (WHO) that the number has to be more than twenty million per cubic millimeter as well as there may be a weakness in the movement and must be at least 50% from a moving animal or an increase in forms abnormal and which should not exceed 30% of the total number of sperm.  - Reasons related to the wife * The existence of a defect in the fallopian tubes The embolism after surgery or as a result of a previous inflammation of the pelvis and the tubes or congenital defects in the tube, and it represents 30% of cases of delayed childbearing while the reasons for their spouse, ranging from 40% to 50%. * Disorder irregular ovulation And this represents about 25% of cases and the most common causes irregular ovulation are: * * The presence of ovari…


Benefit from omega-3 to the fetus: If your mother consumed during pregnancy Omega 3, you are going to be on what seems to be more intelligent, and enjoyed seeing the best. . The benefits of omega-3 in the period of breast-feeding: If the mother during lactation consumption of Omega 3, they develop your intelligence and thus reduce the chances of injury from dyslexia and learning problems, lack of concentration of ADHD. . The benefits of omega-3 in the kindergarten and school: If you're in a generation kindergarten or school and consuming Omega 3, you'll be charged an academic higher, your ability to learn and focus will be improved, and the less your chances of various diseases. . The benefits of omega-3 in the teen generation: If you're a teenager, Consumption of Omega 3 helps to withstand the pressure, and reduce aggression and violence, and strengthen the immune system. . The benefits of omega-3 at the age of 20 years: If you're in a generation 20 years and consume …

Of pregnancy Cluster

Of pregnancy Cluster
Cluster pregnancy is a non-cancerous tumor arises in the womb. Cluster pregnancy occurs when the placenta develop into a group of cysts (Cysts) (what looks like vesicles) and evolve to carry a healthy tissue containing placenta and fetus intact. No full cluster pregnancy, placenta tissue intact at all, and there is also Jenin, in contrast, the cluster partial load there is little sound placenta tissue as well as tissue Jenin improper, and therefore can not be made up the Jenin district. Cluster pregnancy may turn into a rare type of tumor, and therefore must urgently address this situation. The follow-up to the cautious path of an important cluster of pregnancy in order to reduce the complications of this problem and to allow for a pregnancy properly in the future. Pregnancy symptoms cluster Pregnancy appears, in the early stages of pregnancy cluster, Salim Lamb, but then the symptoms begin to appear, a cluster of pregnancy: - It shows vaginal bleeding in the firs…

Low blood pressure during pregnancy

Low blood pressure during pregnancy It shows d. Nihad Farouk specialist gynecology and obstetrics and infertility that during pregnancy much of the symptoms pass Ms. it must know what is the natural symptoms of pregnancy What are the symptoms of abnormal so you can distinguish between them, as they must know how to deal with the natural symptoms in order to learn how to reduce the severity and its impact on her life during pregnancy. It is the natural symptoms of pregnancy low blood pressure, in normal cases, the blood pressure 120/80, on average, and during pregnancy may decrease the pressure to the borders of the 90/60. * Reasons for the low blood pressure during pregnancy: Excrete the placenta during pregnancy hormone progesterone, which is the so-called hormone of pregnancy and lead this hormone to the sag internal smooth muscle in order to loosen the uterus and become Negotiable swelling during pregnancy Among the smooth internal muscles that relax blood vessels muscles, which le…

ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer..kills woman in silence Nihad of Dr Farooq specialist describes the gynecology and obstetrics and infertility that there is common for ovarian cancer indicators ignored by women .. Some women are exposed to infection ovary, which can be cured if the cancer was discovered quickly. But if the spread in the body then is difficult to treat and can lead to death. To prevent it offer you the most important information about ovarian cancer, as well as its symptoms and how to treat and prevent it: - The causes of ovarian cancer: - Genetics and family history - Menopause - Not to have children at all - Delay in menstruation stops and the increase in the number of menstrual cycles - The use of hormonal therapy - Incidence of ovarian Eissat - Excessive smoking - Continuous intake of rich foods Ballambroz found in ice cream and desserts. - Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer - Strong pressure in the abdominal area - Puffiness and swelling - Severe pain in the pelvis - Nausea, constipation a…

Vaginitis symptoms and treatment

Wrong habits leads to infection vaginal inflammation Wrong habits lead to infection of vaginal infections We talked about today, Dr. Nihad Farouk specialist obstetrics & gynecology, which showed us that vaginal infections are among the most women's injuries that most women suffer from, where he caused a lot of pain, gonorrhea, itching, occur most infections from resulting from bacteria, fungi and protozoa pollution. It starts the inflammation after the secretion of these bacteria for a lot of waste, causing itching, swelling, and increased in pregnancy insomnia and malnutrition and the use of certain medications period, and adds Dr. Nihad Farooq said there were a lot of wrong habits practiced by women affect and contribute to the vulnerability to infections vaginal, most notably: - Wear some women underwear made of synthetic fibers "Polyester," What is something wrong and unhealthy expose them to infection inflammation vaginal, so it is necessary to wear made types o…

Disease prevention

Disease prevention The prevention of colds and flu Colds and flu is caused by viruses spread in the air And on the surfaces of materials that can be passed on the infection to others if you touch it Here are some important tips to avoid colds and flu The best way to protect Always wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth that were not washed your hands before that. Valverosat spread more easily across surfaces spread through the air Clean surfaces regularly phones and computer keyboards and wheel driving. And office tools used by more than one person. Take enough sleep to keep your immune system effective And drink more water Soldiered on exercise, even if it was cold. The best practice of moderate exercise three or four days a week Keep eating healthy food During cold weather it is easy to get poor food nutritional value The Qana God and you to the evil of diseases and long all health wellness
Tips to prevent dryness lips in the wint…

Elimination of the rumen in a week

Elimination of the rumen in a weekEliminate stomach fatMagical fruit that wonderful effect in the elimination of fat, especially stomach fat numerous than explaining Interest big for Rumman and I are very few of us are aware Interest magical pomegranate peel and this will explain it later either what we are doing now is pomegranate juice, which has many benefits most notably the elimination of fat the stomach.Drink a glass of pomegranate juice a day, leading to burn fat
Pomegranate fruit rich features magical promised to have magical effects to stay healthierIn order to get rid of the rumen final and fat stomach Almzjh

Drink a glass of pomegranate juice a day, leading to the burning of fat in the stomach once and save you

Of rumen experienced by most men and women as well. So I advise you to drink

Pomegranate juice for a period of one month maximum daily even get rid of the fat in the stomach. at

Request to take advantage of the many benefits of pomegranate drink a glass of pomegranate jui…

Brain Foods To Boost Focus and Memory

Brain Foods To Boo st Focus and MemoryThe brain of a healthy and strong memoryThe real strength is to be a good health and good health necessary healthy mind and sound mind and in this our subject will learn the proper ways to create a healthy healthy mental brain and with more energy
There is no doubt that the most important members of the human body are the brain

The brain is the main index of all members of the body that produces signals to the nerves and brain and the most important reason members of the memory recorder in which the whole story of his life Mndhu the moment of his birth
The brain in order to enjoy good health and sound judgment
We know that a healthy body in a healthy mind
(You are a complete food to take care of a healthy brain and mind (glucose
The glucose produced from the foods and drinks that interest us
All kinds of vegetables, pulses and whole grains, fruits, and that takes time, even for transporting materials in which fructose in glucose, grapes, dates,
Drink one …