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New How to lose your new weight


Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Treatment of flatulence and gases

Treatment of flatulence and gases I offer you these guaranteed and safe recipes for the treatment of flatulence and gas and the output of the voices of the wind and hearing and a decision in the abdomen.
Preparation methods:
A) Method 1: a covered drink:
Soak the coriander seed powder at a rate of 7 tablespoons per half cup of cold water for a suitable period, then drain the soak and it becomes drinkable and can be made with honey as needed.
2 - the second method: boiled boiled:
The seeds of the teacher cumin powder 2 tablespoons per cup of water, and then leaves long enough, then drain and drinks, and can also be sweetened with honey, as needed, but for a dose that, at the rate of one cup per day can replace water with milk, but in this case caraway powder is increased to 6 tablespoons by add milk in cup, then boil for 10 minutes and filter and drink, and can also be analyzed as needed.
How to prepare:
Soak 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder in a cup of boiling …

The most common diseases

The most common diseasesToday's topic about the most common diseases in the world and here we will talk about them and looking for treatment methods online medicine1. Cancer
2. Alzheimers diseas

4. Lupus
5. Diabetes
6. Ebola
7. Asthma
8. Poliomyelitis
9. Flu
10. Colds

1. Cancer It is one of the most common and dangerous diseases of our time. It is an abnormal growth of malignant cells in the body. It is believed that 1 in 3 people is likely to suffer. According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died of cancer worldwide in 2007. Sometimes, as science is not currently able to treat more aggressive tumors in advanced stages of development, it is better to renounce treatment. A therapeutic and palliative treatment application that provides the least amount of discomfort and leads to a dignified death. Since the 1990s, with the therapeutic techniques available, cancer can be treated in about 50% of patients 2. Alzheimer's disease Neurodegenerative disease of unknown c…

Trump Scott Brown helped vote on health care

Trump Scott Brown helped vote on health care
The House and the Senate approved their respective versions of a bill weeks ago and now the
Republicans say they have reached a preliminary agreement between the two houses. They hope to hand over the bill before Christmas

Apparently This 5 Factors Cause Slack Breast in Young Age

Almost every woman wants to have a beautiful body shape. One of the supporters of the beauty of the female body shape is a healthy breast, solid, fast and beautiful. But 90% of women pay less attention to the health and beauty of the breast, especially those who have been pregnant, after breastfeeding, so unwittingly the breasts become slack, withered and began to wrinkle.
Apparently This 5 Factors Cause Slack Breast in Young Age

Dental treatment - sore throat, stomach pain, headache, head in new ways and useful

Headache, Sore throat and Upset stomach: Common Ear ache, Headache and Sore throat: Common Related Having toothache, ear pain, sinus, headache and sorWhat are OTC medications for sore throat, headache
Toothache Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - Toothache

Toothaches: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention - Health 
Toothache Toothache is the pain that occurs to one or more teeth or around them. A toothache is generally the result of dental caries or sometimes an infection. Caries are often caused by poor mouth hygiene, although the tendency to have caries is partly hereditary. Sometimes, the pain that feels in the tooth is actually due to pain in other parts of the body. This happens when the pain radiates. For example, ear damage can cause pain in the teeth.
CAUSES: The most common are:
Tooth abscess; Earache; Jaws or mouth injuries; Heart attack; Sinusitis; Caries. DIAGNOSIS: The dentist will examine the mouth. Physical examination can include examining teeth, gums, tongue, throat, ears, nose and…

Leukemia-Leucopenia-Lumbago (witch shot)

Leukemia Leukemia is the term used to describf the blood cells. There are two main types of leukemia, acute and chronic, depending on whether tha nuey develop rapidly or more slowly. It is one of the most common tumor forms among adults and the most common among children worldwide. Men are most affected by women in acute form, while chronic affects more or less the same way.
Causes: Leukemia affects white blood cells, which are part of the body's immune system. Depending on the type of white blood cells affected, acute leukemia is called lymphoblastic (ALL) or acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Chronic leukemia is called chronic lymphocytic (LLC) or chronic myeloid (LMC). In acute leukemia, immature white blood cells accumulate in the body and can disrupt the function of many tissues and organs. In chronic cells, cells are abnormal and do not work as they should. The risk of developing acute leukemia has increased in the following cases:
Radiation exposure; Smoking exposure; Previous …