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New How to lose your new weight


Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin


Women need health care even when they are well. When they are sick all the more in need of care, but also In this section we have updated information on vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, the prevention of cancer.
We also talk about infertility and, in addition to issues in which health problem are added problems of protection and respect for women's rights.
You can write us to ask questions that are not at the site, and we can support you from a distance if you want to talk to someone.
You can also ask advice on what you are already doing, but also on where a specialized center of the regional health service near you.
Women sometimes need to talk with other women, and to share their problem, not always the forums are the right place where to get information, although they may be an important moment of sharing.
Our information is independent of any interest, and the centers they send are public or accredited  centers of recogn…

Secrets of the health and beauty of women

Secrets of the health and beauty of women health  The secreof the beauty of the French mirror
Surely more than once you have heard that the secret to others perceive your beauty is a safe approach, but also the importance of learning to love and appreciate yourself first. Just change posture and have more self-confidence to show the world how beautiful you are. If you do not believe look at these photos Being in top shape will give a little advantage woman, if she did not also possess that glowing complexion that is the finishing touch and the hallmark of a good tell you clearly, sir - and the same goes for men - the secret to get a beautiful and glowing skin is in three simple rules: temperance, exercise and cleanliness. "Written in 1858 by one of the most beautiful women of the time," the art of Beauty "is a cosmetic tricks and nutritional uses balanced, to reach the canonical beauty on the European model, a very current text that contains, among other things, good ad…

healthy food

healthy food
With a wrong criterion, according to a new study: we tend to think that if something costs so much is also healthy
healthy food Dimenticativi labeled with nutritional values, the list of ingredients and the approval of experts: according to a new study people who shop evaluate a food as healthy only when it costs more. The study, which will be published shortly in the Journal of Consumer Research,

Lose weight too quickly

Lose weight too quickly - Hurts Lose weight or lose weight
Weight loss is an intervention, or better a dietary path, useful to reduce a certain amount of body fat; often the term is associated with weight loss weight reduction, but NOT 'SAID that the two terms are synonymous
The loss of weight is performed by reduction of the total body mass, then indiscriminately, and NOT in itself exerts a protective effect "direct" from a metabolic point of view; it is undeniable that a joint load weighing on the lower back and joints of the lower limbs can benefit the healthy but obese, in metabolic terms, is not weight loss (or better than indiscriminate MASS), but losing weight, to exercise real preventive effect. On the other hand, in the excess weight, the loss of mass indiscriminate also provides for a reduction of the "body fat" (fat mass - FM) with consequent improvement in metabolic parameters; nevertheless, if the food therapy is NOT balanced, the risk is to under…

Weight loss of 5 kg in a week

Weight loss of 5 kg in a week In the last week you have lost 5 kg

Methods to lose weight

Foreword on the Mechanism Slimming
Weight loss is a physiological process characterized by the reduction of the fatty tissue reserve, to which is added, as a result, a decrease in the total body mass. The shaping process is based on four main factors, which, depending on the case, may prevail on one another: imbalance between energy supplied by food (lower) and energy consumed by the cells (top) typical low calorie diets;  increase the metabolic impact of food typical of high-protein diets / ketogenic and / or foods rich in nerve; increased metabolism → typical weight-loss regimens involving the association of moderately energy-restricted diets for toning and muscle strengthening activities; temporarily also aided by the use of food supplements or nerve / thermogenic; nutritional equilibration affecting both nutrients, both the nutritional components (first of all, the fiber) → typical balanced diet regimes, moderately low-calorie, expecting a drop in weight in the order of 500-750 g…

Beware of these things

Beware these things adversely affect your health They affect her a lot. All maj or causes of death such as cancer, heart disease, stroke (stroke), lung cancer and injuries can be prevented by the lifestyle and choices you choose.

Do not smoke or use tobacco products.

Health care vs. disease risk

Discover the benefits of taking care of your health
Concept of health.
Health is the state of physical, metal and social well-being. When someone is healthy, the organs and systems of their body can lead to cavo with normality all the activities necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.
However, there are many factors that sometimes lead to the loss of health status: pathogens, accidents, excessive consumption of tobacco, a stress situation caused by family problems, etc. Health care vs. disease risk
Discover the benefits of taking care of your health in disease prevention.
Currently many people's health is at risk due to the increase in diseases that have been recorded in recent times. Unfortunately in cities like D.F. A sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, stress, overwork, hereditary factors and in general the lifestyle we have adopted have brought us diseases ranging from mild to more risky and chronic.
There is no formula for getting rid of the risks a disease…

What is health food

What is health food Food is a very important part of our lives. In addition to the hours we spend per day eating, the food we eat influences our health.
Our food is fundamentally based on our preferences and our aversions, they are the basis of the elaboration of our dishes. Why do we eat certain foods and reject others? In the consumption of the food they influence a great variety of factors, some of social, others of religious type, other cultural ... It suffices to remember that in our culture there are foods that are considered taboo, as for example the lobsters or the beetles, And that in other countries are consumed without any kind of aversion.
On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that in the human being the act of eating is more than nourishing, since we do not eat exclusively to maintain our vital signs and our metabolic routes. Human feeding is a complex process in which biological, social and cultural aspects are intermingled.
Through the different articl…

 2018 Better health

2018 Better health Why is my son having persistent fever

Answered by: Dr Monica Mahajan
Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Max Hospital, New Delhi
Q. My 10 years old son is suffering from fever especially in the evening for the last one month. We got him admitted to the hospital and there they have done all kinds of tests, which came normal. But he is still suffering from fever. Why is he suffering from persistent fever A.  Since the fever is almost a month's duration and not responding to current medication, we should investigate further. Apart from routine tests like chest x-ray and ultrasound abdomen, tests like mantoux test, TB gold quantiferon, urine culture,stool culture, ANA-IF, CRP,Echocardiography maybe conducted. In certain cases it maybe worthwhile to do a CT scan chest and abdomen since it has a better diagnostic yield compared to chest x-ray and ultrasound. Your paediatrician will have to order tests based on the clinical examination of your child.

Is sleepwalking a …