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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Sensitive subjects

Sensitive subjects

Q: From that moment, I unfortunately practice masturbation, but repeatedly tried to get rid of them, and God willing, I think I'll get rid of them, but I .... ..... me The question and I am a girl had at twenty answer atheist certainly helps to get rid of the habit that, God willing, and the final habit practiced .......... total clitoris (sorry), that I do not try after all the openings at all, so I do not know through these openings in the beginning, by God, but .... this way can the hymen and not even using tools or closed finger introduced are produced as Blood or other Hasit these sticky secretions .... nothing down, but at the moment I think menstrual cycle is over and I take off 3 5 days and 6 hours, this time after only four days, and I realized that I had left Your practice, unfortunately, that you are in the middle of the day, the fifth day of the session of all your goals and after exercise, and as usual, on the surface of the hemorrhage was observed complete Ende breakfast, then a Quarter or half an hour and if the blood and bruises in the session completely .owalsaal ... do you practice this method or practice during the menstrual cycle, or preferably in another marriage and I repeat that I did not fit anything, even The finger and God. ..... Please, please help me please God bless you and please contact me and Tminona favor and thank you very much
A: No, this is not virginity that way, as long as the practice is generally superficial and that blood is a vestige of the menstrual cycle.

Q: When is marriage after puberty and before returning to Is formed after the women torn apart and reveal how their virginity
A: The hymen is a part of the female reproductive system, which begins its embryo formation in the mother's uterus, and tears after its formation, because the pathologist can examine the patient from the outside in the hymen to determine how The hymen.

Q: My problem is the size of the reproductive system caused me a great mental suffering and constant concern if the erection full length phallic of 13 cm and a circumference of 10.5 cm in the case of complete relax 5 cm long and 7 small what surrounds
A: These measures are less than normal and there are no special measures to increase and lengthen the penis on my website under increased during the year and enlarge the size of the penis, you can practice and there are certain foods that can be very much Them, but this does not mean the length of weak sexual ability, and you can also sperm exam

Q: What is the method to verify the sexual nature of the process of erection strength and if the strength is less what is the treatment there is a certain size of the penis in sexual pleasure, and if there is a certain size what size, If it is less than normal What is the treatment method (penis size and not penis length) and Thanksgiving

A: Penis size varies from person to person, and if there is a weakness in erection strength clearly due to partial relaxation here and there stimulating treatments for erection process like certain vitamins and Levitra pills

Q: Often, sperm vaginal intercourse is normal? Is it possible to reduce the risk of pregnancy?
A: It is natural that fate is part of the semen after the relationship and you can close your legs and put Kalmqs after sex and continue lying on your back for ten minutes after intercourse to increase the survival of sperm materials in the Uterus, and if pregnancy delay should examine to ensure that the reasons

Q: Do you enjoy sex for women depending on the clitoris or the penis entering and exiting the vagina women and when you sit Balhbak jerk or enjoy sex
A: Sexual pleasure in women can be produced by increasing the clitoris or raising to a certain point on the vaginal wall that occurs with the introduction of the penis

Q: I want to know, how to know that virgin. Knowing that when I masturbate insert the finger, but there is no blood
C: You can not learn to scan the hymen and ensure its safety and that's when the forensic doctor

I told myself 18 Aam.samat on a TV talk show with the famous penis doctor and how to convert to SQL Server if the young man has not reached the age of 21, was the small penis size: Q is the 
hormone responsible Of penis growth and take the hormone to c

Q: {I've} {an issue|a challenge|a difficulty|problems|issues} I {dread} that Osarh by anyone. I {remember that} {organic and natural} penis ({male organ|manhood}) is very {brief}, where
 he was in the natural {condition|express|point out|status|talk about} preface be soaked to {the within}. . {{Regarding} the {enjoyment|exhilaration|pleasure|enthusiasm|thrills} {previous} long but will be at the {maximum|top|optimum} is very {brief}.|In {the entire} {circumstance} of the {enjoyment|exhilaration|pleasure|enthusiasm|thrills} {previous} long but will be at the {maximum|top|optimum} is very {brief}.} . . . . . My question, Dr. Do {ONCE I|AFTER I|WHILE I|AS I|WHENEVER I} get married {I can't} reproduce.
{I ask you kindly to answer even one {collection|range|series|brand|lines}|I {request you to} answer even one {collection|range|series|brand|lines} kindly}
A: {The space|The distance} of the {male organ|manhood} has {nothing in connection with} {the capability to} reproduce. {You can examine} out the sperm {to be sure|to make certain} of that.

Q: I am {a woman} I am 18 years {continually|consistently} {from the} {genital} nostrils mucus white {aside from} {the times} of the {menstrual period}, which is regularly every 28 {occurs} and lasts {a week} and not {because of this} article any smell {as well as the} {starting|beginning} to the vagina {I've} a little {size}, such as Qatar, a lentil I {request you to} answer immediately because I am in {a hard} psychological {condition|express|point out|status|talk about} and yours all the {thanks a lot} and gratitude
A: {That is} normal secretions, {{so long as} they {aren't} associated with itchy or smelly.|{so long as} they {aren't} associated with smelly or itchy.} For the opening of the vagina. {That is} normal.

Q: I've a amount of the man is up to 11 cm in erection little too heavy and pretty conducted lab tests when dealing with Riyadh middle and fortunately the tests confirmed that the amount of sperm normally, as well as its motion does not have problems with sugar and luckily I had a rise in the hormone dairy and described if you ask me the physician drugs so ... specialist at the guts offered two alternatives the medical procedure up to 22 thousand riyals attempting to boost the amount of the men between three to five 5 cm as well as increased width between 2-3 3 cm or set up a tiny device for an interval of 90 days between your two time to 4 time each day and cause an increase around centimeter . 5 and improve the thickness of  1/2  cm Salt doctor of the medial side of the procedure or issues effects, he said never left anything was done a large number of functions and succeeded ... but I read in several medical site Balent that the procedure of side results because the procedure is logic It really is a hypersensitive nerves of the guy and the actual fact that I browse the words of several medical advised never to perform the procedure ... and I am puzzled !!!? Please be aware that we am experiencing a thick to raise the weight up to 35 kg and there lipid build up in the pubic area .... and weight problems are obvious in Alfajoz
A: I would recommend you make a sport to alleviate the weight I help you not to execute surgery so long as the erection is a by natural means analyzed semen properly. There are many medical products and special deals pages on the web, but as yet not proven clinical usefulness and I can't Oviedk before we get the results of the technological evidence because of this method.

Q: What are the disadvantages of intercourse last day of the session inadvertently with the knowledge that I thought I cleaned but after intercourse turned out to be still cycle does the likelihood that the disease consists of this intercourse
A: There is no harm.
Contact your doctor for more information. The information provided on (what the health) is of a general nature and for purely disclosure purposes can in no way replace the advice of a physician (or a legally qualified person) or, in specific cases, of other operators health.
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