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Apparently This 5 Factors Cause Slack Breast in Young Age

Almost every woman wants to have a beautiful body shape. One of the supporters of the beauty of the female body shape is a healthy breast, solid, fast and beautiful. But 90% of women pay less attention to the health and beauty of the breast, especially those who have been pregnant, after breastfeeding, so unwittingly the breasts become slack, withered and began to wrinkle.

Apparently This 5 Factors Cause Slack Breast in Young Age

Breasts are one of the unique female body assets. Many people are dreaming of breast forms that are elastic, toned and beautiful. But not infrequently at a young age, breasts have loosened. Wow! Do not let happen. Breast slack and fall at a young age is caused by several factors, as reported by

1. Big Breasts Prone to Slacking?

Is it true that big breasts more susceptible to sagging? Apparently this is not entirely true you know. Small breasts also risk the same because the actual sagging of the breast caused by the ability of the breast muscles to support it. Precisely owners of large breasts have stronger breast muscles so stronger and firmer.

2. Less Exercise

Many people argue, should women not do strenuous exercise such as lifting weights if you do not want to be sturdy like a man. In fact, exercise such as lifting weights can strengthen the chest muscles so that the beauty of the breast can be maintained and not sagging.

3. Drastic Weight Loss

Drastic weight loss can cause the breasts to fall and sag, along with the loosening of the skin as well. So, exercise and diet properly to keep the body awake.

4. Not Using

Especially for those of you who like to exercise like jogging or running, use a special sports bra is appropriate for the breasts stay awake after experiencing shocks in a long time.

5. Smoking

Tobacco is the main enemy of collagen as a skin-fastening agent. A study conducted by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal says smoking is the cause of the risk of sagging breasts. Ouch!

While young, treat your breasts to stay healthy. Healthy and beautiful breasts can increase your confidence. Hopefully these tips can help you.

This certainly reduces the confidence especially in the moments that should be a beautiful moment you with your partner. Distrust of your body shape can affect the harmony of relationships with your partner because you become reluctant to make out because they feel embarrassed or inferior. Well, here are some of the factors that trigger these problems as well as the solution for you.

Trigger Factor Breasts Slack at Young Age


Cigarettes are a big no for women, because in addition to harmful to your health, cigarettes also have a negative impact on your valuable asset is a factor causing sagging breasts. Cigarette smoke is the main cause of premature aging that is not only on your facial skin is more often exposed to cigarette smoke but also your breasts will become loose before time.


From now on meet the needs of body fluids by consuming water in the recommended amount. Continuous dehydration will make your skin lose elasticity including the breast area. So if you want to keep your skin fresh and wrinkle-free, drink water diligently.

Wearing the wrong bra

Choosing the right underwear or bra will be very helpful to maintain the beauty of the breast. So do not wear the wrong bra anymore. The size of a bra that is too big or still wearing a bra that is loose will make breast slack quickly because the bra is not able to support your breast. Conversely, wearing a bra with a number that is too small is also not recommended because in addition to disturbing your breathing also makes the breasts become pinched.

The most appropriate sleeping position for women is on your back. In addition to helping avoid back pain and premature aging, teletang sleep will also keep the shape of the breast remains beautiful and fast.
Extreme diet

An extreme diet can be a sagging breast factor when your weight drops drastically. Therefore it is advisable to balance the diet with exercise in the recommended portion.

Bad posture

Pay attention to your posture or your posture. Mistakes in posture will also contribute to causing your breasts to become loose. From now on try to sit in a straight position and point your head up. Bending is so bad for your spine as well as your breasts.

Breast Loan Solutions at Young Ages

As the solution of your problem, the most appropriate step of course is to avoid the causes of breast problems above and start now take care of your breasts properly. Start by choosing a bra with the right size that is not too big or too small. To make your breasts back toned and beautiful regularly do treatments with breast mask or breast massage using olive oil and oil bulus.

As a treatment from the inside apply a healthy diet with balanced nutritious food consumption. Or if you are in a diet program, do it gradually so that the body has time to adjust. Perform regular exercise that concentrates movement on the chest muscles such as push ups, swimming, sit ups, and so on. After knowing the solution of the problem


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