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Smoking causes migraines

Smoking causes migraines

Sister is one of the most common headaches that are caused by problems with the nerves and blood vessels and brain chemicals, and his sister is more common in women.

- A new study published in the journal) to give (msystems that people who suffer from migraines have a higher number of bacteria or germs in the mouth and digestive tract.


- There is a belief of the existence of a link between migraine attacks and the type of food you eat that contaminated migraine or sister, for example, chocolate, and the types of food alcohol stimulates the heart's sister while others may be related to the proximity of nitrates now.

- There are 38 million migraine sufferers in the US and see a lot of them have a connection between migraine and record the amount of nitrates and other nutrients. It should be noted that the nitrates in foods such as processed meats and green vegetables. In addition, the presence of a certain medication.

- It is necessary to further study the relationship between microbes and learn more about migraine. If it is possible that the results of this study lead to a new treatment for migraine Alhqiqh.wakchw researchers that return some of these molecules changes to its original state when you quit smoking, but the one constant in the long term.

Said Dr. Stephanie J. London, where the research team led by, experts have long known that smoking causes changes in the DNA molecule, but to find out more, now that the chances of these changes and what they can do.

He said that the director of the department of epidemiology of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in North Carolina, "I really do not know whether they mean harm to the need to study and use the more we have available DNA data."

The researchers used data in 16 categories were submitted earlier study of aging research, and the number of participants in the study of 15,000 people gave blood samples were analyzed to see if their DNA is known and has changed '. "

The researchers compared 2433 smokers who reported smoking at least once a day, last year, and 6518 are the smokers who quit smoking a year ago to take at least not in the blood samples of 6596 and did not smoke.

The researchers concluded that there are 2623 different sites are smokers genes with hydrogen and carbon have been developed as compared to non-smokers.

Johanns said Ruby, co-author and researcher at Harvard Medical School in Boston, said the bottom line, the possibility of damage to the 7000 Jane various types of cancer, high blood pressure and other health effects of snuff.


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