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The Enemy Inside You - Women's Health

Three-quarters of women who suffer in Western countries, and this type of infections

Prevention and treatment

It KNP infection and produced in the thick of the vagina and lead to vaginal discharge, white with cheese appearance and affect the Jodalrahh during intimate relationship. Almost will suffer a many women in Western countries, this type of infection once in their lives, which affect many remain there.
Many of them will have to continue permanent.
Candida infections that lead to chronic disease. As a matter of fact, chronic Permanent Candida, Owalty the resulting disease.
 What is the definition of a fungal infection locally or systemically show with a particular impact on women, particularly on women in Western countries. The most common type of this disease is the enemy chronic resulting Khamriya.
 It is a vaginal infection and that the typical symptoms include a feeling of burning and itching and the release of smelly undesirable
Especially around the vaginal area.
 Three-quarters of women who suffer in Western countries, and this type of infections
In addition, this type of infection in the psychological pressure on many women during pregnancy affects it has. While it is the expectation that may affect a child as a result of the deterioration of the immune system, and increases the chance of Azdhar emergence and multiplication of yeast overgrowth.
Also affect pregnant women often develop fixations on sugar-rich flour and foods that contain or white. Are also allowing pregnant women usually, even pushed to obey these cravings.
 These sugars and refined carbohydrates increase the risk of more of these infections that these environments sugary work.
 Three-quarters of women who suffer in Western countries, and this kind of inflammation.
Ignore Candida, which is possible it could lead to a systemic yeast infection, with significant adverse effects.
Both in terms of quality of life and general well-being. Since pregnant women may not use many drugs antifungal or antibiotic treatment available to others.
It is even more important to find another solution for candidiasis during this moment of reproduction.
Find a cure for candidiasis in predicting women is crucial, because otherwise the infection can not be transmitted from mother to child through the birth canal during pregnancy or while.
 During the birth, or later through breastfeeding.
Three-quarters of women who suffer in Western countries, and this type of infections
This article is based on a summary of the book no more "yeast infection" by Linda Allen.
Researcher and nutritionist, health consultant and presented many Atovir prevention of these infections and the presence of a guaranteed permanent solution to cure the root of candida significantly.
 In the end, all we can tell you (that prevention is better than cure) so Always on prevention and maintaining the health of yourself and we will always be with you for prevention solutions.


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