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Smart Kids - Food for the Brain

Smart Kids - Food for the Brain

The researchers stressed in the field of Pediatrics, in a new article published earlier this year in 2017 as there are five foods have an impact and effective powers in making the child more intelligent

the milk
peanut butter

We are always looking for permanent solutions and documented for many of the health problems and methods of prevention. And methods of treatment

In our theme this.

Interest us your child's health. In order to maintain the good health Aliki some tips

Magical healthier foods to your child's brain and become more intelligent.

If you aspire to be your kids intelligently supernatural and sound mind,

Newspaper "Children" also published the arrival of one of its solutions by newly Health magazine, which many of the important things, which referred to by many researchers in the field of Medicine shows baby food to baby food should include several foods, a major types of foods that make them more intelligent and lively.

According to this report, five kinds of food have an impact on the health of the magical children's brain a.

Peanut butter contain fat responsible for the increase in mental development and cognitive skills,

Whole milk rich in fatty acids and cholesterol needed by the children, especially those who did not exceed Aamin.ohm argue that is necessary for children cholesterol at this stage for his role in the construction and activation of nerve and brain cells, helping to isolate the brain cells and thus reduces the presence of short circuits in the communication functions.

He underscored by many researchers on food composition in

Eggs in child nutrition so rich in cholesterol and proteins necessary for growth, such as choline, such as vitamin nutrients "B", which has proven in animal studies indicate its ability to improve learning and memory and do not forget

Dr. Ward fish between the alarm five foods intelligence, multi-fatty acids, especially the tuna-rich and the saturation of the type of omega-3 that resides in the brain cells than usual, which is essential to the integrity of mind and Aljsm.oogira's, the researchers recommended

Red meat to baby food as it contains large amounts of iron, protein, fiber, vitamins and vitamin "B-12" in particular, and here we have collected what matters to you and your children healthier growth best for a child more intelligent.


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