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Protect the child from infection with many viral infections

Breastfeeding in protecting the child from infection with many viral infections

A study by researchers from Finland for the role of breastfeeding in protecting the child from infection with many viral infections, where it was found that breast milk reduces the risk of this type of disease, which is commonly spread among children. According to the researchers explained, they are specialists from the "Tampere University" and "University of Helsinki" in Finland, the results of a study they conducted on infants, breastfeeding helps the child to resist infections caused by the bacteria "Alanteroveros" through a grant antibodies to fight it showed .

Family "Alanteroveros" includes a large group of viruses that are spread by nasal spray, saliva and feces, or through contact with surfaces contaminated with secretions of an infected person, which may cause the appearance of respiratory symptoms such as colds, or gastroenteritis, and may develop infection to lead to the suffering of the patient complications associated with heart and brain membranes. The study sample consisted of one hundred and fifty of infants, has been followed since birth by monitoring the incidence of infections, "Alanteroveros" them, as the researchers recorded the time period during which the child received breast milk as the sole source of nutrition. Besides, samples were collected from the mother's milk, as well as blood samples from all the participants every three months, in order to detect any antibodies to viruses "Anterovruz" and monitor the existence of any genetic material of the virus. The study also included the collection of samples of serum from each mother participate in three different time phases, namely the beginning of pregnancy, at birth, and three months after the baby is born. The results of the study published in the journal "Pediatrics" in its edition for the month of May / May of 2007, that children that got the natural Barzaah as the sole source of nutrition for a period of more than two weeks, were less likely to develop with regard to this kind of virus when their first birthday that. It turns out that the high level of antibodies in the mother's serum and breast milk has been linked to lower rates of incidence of the child in cases exceeded the period of breast-feeding for two weeks. According to the saying, the results confirmed that the mother's exposure to this kind of virus, did not lead to leakage of the genetic material of the virus in breast milk has.

Breastfeeding in protecting the child from infection with many viral infections

The importance of the study, from the standpoint of those who made it, in reference to the preventive role of breastfeeding in reducing the risk of injury to a child with viruses "Alanteroveros" and by granting the necessary resistance to antibodies. It is known that the best way to feed a baby is breast-feeding, which has received considerable attention from the regional and international numerous health bodies, including the World Health showed that the benefits of breastfeeding Organization and urged them even proposed to enact laws to promote it in all states. Several research was conducted proved that breastfeeding has many benefits for the mother, the child, as discussed shortly, and a suggestions that breastfeeding be enough alone in the first six months of a child's life. As well as that there is a natural instinct to arise through the strong relationship between the mother and her child as a result of the feeding. The decision to breastfeed should be done and pave it all means before the birth or during pregnancy, so to clarify their benefits to the mother, the child, and to inform the mother on the opinion of specialists in this field through discussions and health education, and display movies, and give some small and large brochures so sure completely convinced Mother breastfeeding. One of the advantages of breastfeeding: * Mother's milk contains all the food elements required in a balanced and thoughtful and necessary for the child. * Believe in mother's milk for the baby natural growth. * Contains immunity against many of the bacteria and microbes. * Breastfeeding form a relationship filled with compassion and affection between mother and child. * Breastfeeding saves the child from infections. Such as diarrhea and other intestinal problems. * Proved by the study that children who are breast Arzaathm less than the proportion of sudden death to have. * Always fresh and ready breast milk. And suitable temperature. * Breast milk does not need to sterilize. * Studies have shown that children who has Arzaathm have the intelligence and stability of myself more capacity. The benefits of breast-feeding on the mother are that it: * contribute greatly to re genitals to natural conditions, especially the womb house. * Offer price for some of the costs are paid for industrial milk. * Provide the mother of time and fatigue. * Statistics showed that many breast cancer rarely affects lactating mothers. * Breastfeeding ease the chance of getting pregnant mother Vtstaid activity and vitality. There are many factors contributing to breastfeeding are: * desire when the mother is the primary factor is important and breastfeeding. * Maternal Health sound of congenital and acquired diseases. * Maternal nutrition as it should during pregnancy and while breastfeeding through diverse food secure and the problem on all the essential elements of a protein, minerals and vitamins and others. * Eat more milk and dairy products, particularly during the period of lactation. * Secure full comfort for the mother in terms of quiet sleep and mood relaxed and especially by the father and other family members. * Do from time to time in the open air picnics and visit relatives and friends who you love the mother. * Baby download speed to his mother after birth contributes significantly der milk. When and how are breast-feeding? * The mother to wash her hands thoroughly with water and soap. * The mother survey small breasts with a wet towel sterile lukewarm water, then dried with a towel afterwards. * Bring out some points of milk from each breast before giving it to the baby, until he came out with this milk, What hinders it from harmful bacteria. * The mother to sit comfortably, and carrying her baby in a vertical, either during lactation should be tilted at an angle 3040 and assigned to the top of her arm.

Breastfeeding in protecting the child from infection with many viral infections

The mother put her breast with the other, nipple in the baby's mouth and after making sure that the child easily obtainable well have to put pressure on the breast gently, and near the nipple, and by the thumb, so that to give her full field of breath. In the case of the child's failure to take the nipple, the mother can try and try, with fondling nose and lips, even takes the nipple and begins feeding. * Breastfeeding should be a rotation of the breasts, and once every three or four hours on the face of rounding. * Must be less duration of breastfeeding for ten minutes during the first weeks of the birth, due to lack of milk. * When the full child through breastfeeding, leaving the nipple alone, and the mother can help her child to leave the nipple if it stops feeding. * After completion of feeding on the mother to carry her baby vertically and hit gently on the back, even the air, which came out with milk, by belching. For this idea to put a towel on the shoulder to maintain the cleanliness of clothes mother, and the baby, because he may come out when burping some milk. * As well as after the completion of the feeding mother wipes her breasts with a towel moistened with sterile water and drying it and put healthy bandages to prevent cracks in the nipple. * The number of daily feedings for a newborn baby is about seven to eight feedings. * Must regulate feeding times and sleep times. Every mother. And to accustom the child, you can breast-feed the baby at night only twice, and suckle when you first wake-up call and can be administered from the local water once. Moved from the Gulf


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