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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Lose weight too quickly

Lose weight too quickly - Hurts

Lose weight or lose weight

Weight loss is an intervention, or better a dietary path, useful to reduce a certain amount of body fat; often the term is associated with weight loss weight reduction, but NOT 'SAID that the two terms are synonymous

The loss of weight is performed by reduction of the total body mass, then indiscriminately, and NOT in itself exerts a protective effect "direct" from a metabolic point of view; it is undeniable that a joint load weighing on the lower back and joints of the lower limbs can benefit the healthy but obese, in metabolic terms, is not weight loss (or better than indiscriminate MASS), but losing weight, to exercise real preventive effect. On the other hand, in the excess weight, the loss of mass indiscriminate also provides for a reduction of the "body fat" (fat mass - FM) with consequent improvement in metabolic parameters; nevertheless, if the food therapy is NOT balanced, the risk is to undermine excessively muscular portion, which falls within the compartment of the "mass of fat-free" (fat free mass - FFM).
Ultimately, to restore the values ​​of: glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, ESR, uric acid etc. it is ESSENTIAL to implement a weight loss, which has no direct impact on weight loss, or rather body mass indiscriminate, but prefers the consumption of fat tissue than fat.

Lose weight: as it happens

To lose weight is first of all essential that the energy consumed by the body is greater than that supplied by food (energy IN <Power OUT); It may seem trivial, but it is a basic principle of weight loss that is applied to the daily energy calculation, both overall, both distribution.
Knowing that a balanced meal HOME allows you to maintain glucose homeostasis for about 4-7 hours (although it needs sustenance snack), in the diet to slim down the breakdown of the total energy in the individual meals MUST allow the oscillation between the glycemic postprandial (glycemic increase) and the next pre-prandial (glycemic decline until the restoration of normal levels) preferring this last phase; the glycemic drop indicates the use of the energy supplied by food, thus keeping the blood sugar to MODERATE levels between meals and encouraging early normalization allows the mobilization of adipose tissue fat thanks to the release of specific catabolic hormones (OPPOSITE insulin, which is the anabolic hormone secreted after the increase in post-prandial glycemic).
To lose weight is therefore necessary to introduce the right amount of energy (less than the expenditure) and dividing it so as to promote the catabolism of adipose tissue.

The slimming speed

To lose weight while remaining healthy is fundamental to limit STRESS organism; losing weight too fast is bad! Which is why the diet therapy should be organized so as to reduce the weight (or fat) body of about 3kg per month; of course, this value is subject to fluctuations, so a range between 2 and 4 kg per month is still rated acceptable.
Why lose weight quickly does it hurt

The reasons why it is unwise to lose weight faster are many and all depend on the fact that rapid weight loss is achieved by means of a diet too low and / or of an en ergetico too high expenditure. Reasons:
Eating little to lose weight quickly is stressful for the body: the essential nutrients (AGE, EFA, vitamins, minerals) are not taken in the right rations and, in the long run, the physiological systems will significantly affected (including immune)
Eating little to lose weight quickly is stressful to the mind: a restrictive unbalanced diet induces a strong desire for "revenge", so that (in the long term) the therapeutic outcome is almost always unsuccessful, with increasing dissatisfaction for their own body and reduced self-esteem
Eating little to lose weight quickly is debilitating for the muscles: the catabolism systems (over-stimulated) are NOT selective! This means that in addition to dispose of fat storage as well widely used amino acids derived from muscle tissue, reducing the tropism and the mass
Eating little to lose weight quickly promotes dehydration: water requirements of each subject is about 1ml / kcal of energy introduced, but not all water is drunk! A part of it (500-700ml / day, about 1/4 or 1/3 of the total) enters the body through food that scarce, do not comply with the body fluid needs
Excessive energy expenditure obtained through physical activity to lose weight in a hurry WORSE all 4 points mentioned above.
The subject is vast but it would need to take to the very minor technical details for readers; ultimately, losing weight too quickly (> 3kg / mid month) is WRONG!

All subjects are overweight or obese advice to rely on a power professional who, consciously as described above, will implement calorie diet plan to lose weight by the contribution useful with the right times (about 70%), while maintaining the state of the customer's health and psycho-prevenendogli any excess undue physical stress.

Diet to Lose Weight

When during the change of season, we realize that the pants or shirts last year have become a bit 'narrow we have two possibilities: blame the washing machine or run for dieters putting shelters.
Well as allowing us to bring old clothes with elegance, the ideal diet to lose weight also helps us feel better about ourselves and, more importantly, improve our general well-being.
Risks of the Last Minute Diets

The most important enemies we face when we decide to lose weight are the haste and laziness. In the first case it is crucial to realize that drugs, weight loss diets last minute and many supplements are not a cure but an aggravation of the problem
Although a strict diet followed for short periods of time is encouraging for the subject (the scales actually moves left) weight loss is only apparent reality (the weight loss is mainly due to the depletion of glycogen stores, resulting in dehydration). Only if the diet is maintained for a long time the weight loss is actually tied to a reduction of the fat mass.
And the troubles do not end there ...
The very low calorie diets attack the muscle sparing fat and setting the stage for a new weight gain. If you choose to go this route, the disadvantages are numerous despite early, apparent, good results. The reduction of the basal metabolic rate due to calorie restriction is opposed to weight loss and as soon as you start eating normally, you quickly regain all the lost pounds, with a lot of interests.
repeated cycles of weight loss and gain (yoyo diets) do nothing but increase the capacity of our body to keep the accumulation of fat. It therefore becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight by simply dieting or through the use of slimming products.

Here's why: A DIETARY RESTRICTIVE APPROACH (1000-1200 calories per day) ASSOCIATED WITH AD HOC binges (I also just one every 10 days) CAN NOT 'WORK.

Importance of Physical Activity

The contribution of physical inactivity to overweight development is very significant. Today more than ever, many scholars agree that weight gain is related more to a reduction in physical activity than to an increased caloric intake. In America, for example, the average weight of Americans has increased despite the overall caloric intake has been reduced by 5-10% in recent years.
Nine times out of ten a slimming program based solely on food restriction fails. Despite the good will of many diets started with the aim of losing weight are in fact abandoned in the throes of hunger attacks that neutralize their existing efforts.
The only solution to this problem is to increase their level of physical activity. A similar approach allows in many cases to lose weight even in the absence of a dietary restriction.
The sportsmen have indeed a higher metabolism and this means that their energy consumption is higher even at rest.


useful tips

Follow a varied and balanced to create the caloric deficit is not excessive (up to 500 kcal below the requirement).
To quickly calculate your ideal weight and calories needed to reach using our automatic calculation module.
To avoid eating more than necessary or to give in to the temptation of too few, brush your teeth at the end of the meal, or put in your mouth an aromatic gum or candy like sugar.
Eat slowly, so you feel satiated faster
Run mixed physical activity alternating aerobic exercises (cycling, running, walking sustained, cross-country, endurance swimming) with other types of muscle (weights, toning exercises bodyweight, with overloads or elastic).
To get the most slimming effect physical activity has to be protracted; only in this way improvements in body composition and metabolism will be stable and lasting.
Losing weight is important but always with an eye on their health; to set your diet, then we refer to our dietary advice

Contact your doctor for more information. The information provided on (what the health) is of ageneral nature and for purely disclosure purposes can in no way replace the advice of a 
physician (or a legally qualified person) or, in specific cases, of other operators health.

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