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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Physical wellness

Physical well-being

Full relax once a week to keep the mind and flesh!

The physical relaxation and the successful form of mental relaxation which is the basis of creative thinking and relaxing the muscle and nerve is a legitimate right for the rest of the body and the body to regain vitality of the body and develop new cells To provide the body with life again to live a normal life but unfortunately Ngor on our health and our body and Nhinh is not proportional to the grace God has given us.
The body needs rest, as the weekly need for transplant to rain for the beginning of a new life and a new week:
Each way to relax the muscles and nerves of the hard oxygen effort and re-fed body and mind.
And we need to be careful to train on how to respond to the requests of the body members to get a work leave to regain its vitality of being at the service and obedience to God as he has
Bonus for the weekly body members of your vacation Breathe deeply and nourish your mind and members of your body and muscles and nerves and every cell in your body with oxygen and breathe deeply and while inhaling Dictate its fresh air from the clean air and exhale slowly and deeply to expel all the rust and negative mental residues and what causes problems for the body to expel out
Make sure to put your body in a state of total silence on the sofa or on the floor and imagine the Taatmnaha image and even thought that the integrity of the lower back, head and shoulders, Not just do nothing but breathe and make sure that all of your body members in a state of complete rest and blood flowing to each member of your body and all muscles.
Breathe deeply with the relaxation of all the muscles in your body and give the license to all the members and not let your mind take you to anything upset and then start some exercise and not stressful and that the flow of Work easily blood on all members of the body's cells to nourish and re-produce and eliminate waste cells resulting from their work
In every week of vacation I was looking for something new that did not before!
Try to find interesting things in your life, and go to it.
Mark your adventurous adventure life, and one after another with a little quiet themselves.
Colorful party your food and natural!
Mark holiday full rest for Vaaml stomach Tatterha vegetables, fresh fruits cleaned and ..
Weekly rest is your style of food for the rest of the week
Do not stretch the stomach and digestive pastry and meat system but prepared for activity and vitality and rolled with fresh and colorful vegetables and fruit because of its psychological effect is also fabulous.
COCOA official holiday drink: eat a hot beverage that does not contain caffeine or herbal Kkub hot chocolate or milk.
beautiful memories! Convened
In your heated vacation and called the beautiful memories and was looking forfriend for'll sincere or personal grainy heart to look together and remember why friends and how God meets you and Astaida beautiful memories among you made and decided Tfloha other times .
Re positive energy Day of Feast Postage:
Try to exercise one of their favorites, such as swimming, drawing, riding or sure to do something positive that would bring joy to yourself and hobbies for example to others and compassion for The poor or children caress or bring a gift for someone close to you or feed an animal or bird and look and wait for the power of God in his creation.
It is now available!
Mark as thieves and pirates By inquiry to comfort his world on holiday,


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