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New treatment of patients with breast

New treatment of patients with breast

It is expected to benefit 10,000 women a year in Britain for a new treatment for breast cancer, as confirmed in a recent study scientists.
And it helps new therapy for the treatment of breast cancer cases caused by faulty genetic abnormalities such as BRCA1 gene suffered by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.
He suggested a new study conducted by researchers at the Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger, that new drugs can be useful in patients with breast cancer that has not also been confirmed in the treatment of genetic defects.
And the likelihood of cure rate of up to a state of five cases of this type of cancer, according to ongoing research in this regard.
This means that the cure rate of new treatments, the researchers supervisors up to 20 percent of breast cancer cases, including the proportion in the range 1.00 to 5.00 percent as a result of genetic abnormalities.
PARP enzyme inhibitor therapy used in hospitals and facilities of the NHS in the UK, in the treatment of ovarian cancer now because it is still not the use of this biological therapy approved for the treatment of breast cancer.
And appeared in the latest work at all in this circle of community research, published in Nature Medicine magazine and medical disciplines, the study of the genetic makeup of breast cancer in 560 cases.
The study revealed that a large proportion of the cases examined were the result of employing genetic and genetic deformities "or" defects of BRCA1 mutations.
Because of the similarity between the undiscovered types of deformities and genetic, the researchers believe it may be diversity treatable.
The researchers recommended in the Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger begin clinical trials to ensure the survival of the genetic abnormalities that cause breast cancer management of the new biological form.
Description Delit Baroness Morgan of Naw Breast Cancer Foundation for breast cancer research, modern and study as "a new revelation."
He added: "We hope that this will lead to a shift in the exploitation of genetic mutations in the treatment of the disease point by point."
The researcher said Helen Davis, a doctor involved in the study, "there is the potential to treat other types of cancer with this new way."
Biological treatments showed promising results in the treatment of prostate cancer.
And increases women carrying the genetic mutations such as BRCA gene abnormalities, the risk of injury in women with breast cancer, despite the fact that pregnant women for these defects does not necessarily mean the disease

Some women, such as Angelina Jolie, may resort to a mastectomy to prevent increased vulnerability and risk of dying from the disease.
And they discovered Vicki Gilbert, 54-year-old Swindon, gene involves a high risk, but this discovery after breast cancer.
Genetic genetics were doing. ".
However, he stressed that the discovery of damages was useful to him, he said: "When cancer (because) told me to watch his watch to make sure the wound is due to genetic abnormalities is moved, it is impossible to say yes, But for practical reasons, it is helpful for me to know that I have this genetic defect. "
Vicky and her breast cancer recovery seven years ago, but still subject to periodic examination led to a genetic defect is dangerous.
Women can risk breast cancer in their lives through regular breast reduction and a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight and stay away from smoking and control the amount of drink


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