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Women need health care even when they are well. When they are sick all the more in need of care, but also
In this section we have updated information on vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, the prevention of cancer.

We also talk about infertility and, in addition to issues in which health problem are added problems of protection and respect for women's rights.

You can write us to ask questions that are not at the site, and we can support you from a distance if you want to talk to someone.

You can also ask advice on what you are already doing, but also on where a specialized center of the regional health service near you.

Women sometimes need to talk with other women, and to share their problem, not always the forums are the right place where to get information, although they may be an important moment of sharing.

Our information is independent of any interest, and the centers they send are public or accredited 
centers of recognized value.

Medicine for women

In this section we face general medical issues, but not only for the woman. Topics range from skin diseases such as psoriasis, smoking and to stop it.


Acne: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies
Amenorrhea: symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment
Bartholinitis: symptoms, causes and treatment of Bartholin's cysts
Carie: Life drugs or style?
regular or irregular menstrual cycle, how to understand menstruation
Breast cysts
Ovarian cysts: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Cystitis: causes, symptoms and treatment
Care of the urinary and anal incontinence
Diabetes: Recommended tests
Sexual dysfunction, urinary and anal incontinence symptoms
Dysmenorrhea, menstrual pain: causes, treatment, medicines and remedies
Women and Smoking
Uterine Fibroid Embolization
Hemorrhoids: symptoms, causes, treatment and remedies
Endometriosis: What is it and what are the symptoms
Endometriosis: care and treatment
Endometriosis: Diagnosis
Endometriosis: Causes
Generic drugs. What are
Fibroadenoma breast: what, diagnosis, causes and treatment
fibroid uterus
Uterine fibroma. Symptoms, medical and surgical therapies
Fibroids, non surgical options for treatment
acute Gastritis
Chronic gastritis
Gastritis: what are the symptoms, causes and how to cure
Lice and lice: how to get rid of, Causes and Cures
Urinary incontinence, non-surgical options
Hysteroscopy is, how it is done, complications and alternatives
The flu. How to cure the symptoms
The fever and the choice of antipyretic medication
The evidence-based medicine: Evidence based medicine EBM
Medicated spiral, effective against heavy periods
Vaccination against influenza
Venous diseases, thrombosis, varicose veins. Care and prevention
Menorrhagia and heavy periods: Symptoms, Causes and Cures
Menses copious, better spiral that medication by mouth
Floaters, a debilitating disorder of sight
Dark circles and bags under the eyes: causes and natural remedies
Polycystic ovaries: what, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment
Birth control pills, does it hurt?
Birth control pills: The remedies when you jump, week by week
Gastroesophageal Reflux: Symptoms, causes and treatment
Water Retention: Symptoms and Remedies
Wrinkles: how to send her away, natural remedies
abnormal uterine bleeding, causes and cures
If you smoke goes up in smoke even beauty
Stop smoking if you are pregnant
Quit smoking if you have a child
Spiral contraceptive (IUD): minimal risk of infection, unnecessary the preliminary examinations
Female sterilization (tubal sterilization)
Female Sterilization: all methods
Constipation: causes, symptoms and remedies
Uterus retroverso, is a problem?
Atrophic vaginitis, Causes and Cures
Varicose veins: symptoms, remedies and prevention
plantar warts
Warts: causes and remedies
Red wine: a glass also increases the risk of breast cancer
Gynecological examination, guidelines
Gynecological, when, how and why

cancer prevention

A section dedicated to the prevention of female cancers, especially to cervical cancer. We speak of the risk factors, causes, how to prevent and how to treat it.

Chemotherapy, effects on the skin
Care and treatment of lymphedema in women with breast cancer
Diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema in patients with breast cancer
Dysplasia - Pap test, throw an eye on your cervix
Ectopia, the piaghetta not be burned
The cervical cancer - Risk factors
The cervical cancer. Prevention of cervical neoplasia
Hysterectomy, the uterus and scientific prejudice diseases
Lymphedema: Follow-up for patients with breast cancer during survivorship
Pap tests - what is it, when to do it, where to do it.
Unnecessary Pap tests after a hysterectomy
Breast cancer prevention: how to reduce the risk
Prevention of cervical cancer?
Radiotherapy and effects on the skin
oncologic therapies and skin protection handbook for the holidays
oncologic therapies, prevention and treatment of the effects on the skin
Test for early detection of tumors, which are useful?
Cancer Colorectal cancer: epidemiology, risk factors and early detection
Sexually transmitted diseases

HPV Papilloma virus

AIDS - HIV Infection Women are likely more.
Warts, cockscomb. Symptoms and treatment
Hepatitis A, B and C. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Genital herpes: Unsuitable screening test for HSV
Genital herpes. Care and prevention
The Papilloma virus infects more men than women
The trichomonas vaginalis, vaginal infections. What to do
The virus of human warts. Human papilloma virus
Gonorrhea or gonorrhea, it is and how you care
Sexually transmitted diseases. Infections. Crabs, Genital Herpes
Sexually transmitted diseases. The lice, itching and burning.
Sexually transmitted diseases. summary table
Vaccine for the human papilloma virus (human warts)
genital warts

Infertility Causes and Cures

Infertility, fertility and assisted reproduction. What you need to know to deal with this problem

Male infertility, too much saturated fat reduced sperm
The use of frozen oocytes influence the results obstetric or perinatal?
Obesity in women reduces the reproductive capacity and cause infertility
Assisted reproduction, raises the average age and the number of infertile couples
Assisted reproduction: what is art. 13 of the Law 40/04
Assisted reproduction: Prohibition of preimplantation diagnosis
assisted reproduction: IVF
Torque Infertility
Female infertility: Causes and treatment
Female infertility: diagnosis
Infertility, female, male and couple
Sterility, as there are pairs that have this problem
Infertility: how to find the appropriate specialist
Infertility: ovulation induction
Assisted reproductive techniques: the GIFT

vaginal infections

What are vaginal infections, itching, loss, heartburn. What symptoms may be related to genital infections, care and treatment for candida, bacterial vaginosis and chlamydia.

Candida vaginalis, vaginal infection, losses and heartburn. Care
Chlamydia or Chlamydia. vaginali.Cos'è infections and how to cure chlamydia
The vulvar itching
Vaginal infections - itching, burning and loss. What to do?
Vaginal discharge
Vaginitis, symptoms, remedies, treatments and tips
Bacterial vaginosis, how you care

Vaginal infections - itching, burning and loss. What to do

Vaginal infections. Itch? Vaginal discharge, Heartburn, What is it, What to do,Who to contact. Where to go
The same symptoms can be traced to several vaginal infections. In the following pages we will discuss the main vaginal infections that cause losses and itching.

Not all itches are caused by unwanted guests, we will treat briefly of dermatological diseases that can cause itching.

Caution!! The information you will find in these pages are provided for informational purposes only and can not replace the advice of a doctor.

Remember that self-diagnosis and self-treatment can be dangerous.

And 'possible to find the centers where, with short wait and paying a ticket can be visited.

Often your family doctor may be of assistance and of course you can call the Association of Female Life.

Candida is a fungus whose most common species, albicans, normally lives in dormant stage in our gut (real tank), in the vagina, on the skin, in the mouth, ears, etc., Without causing any disturbance and in constant balance with the other guests microorganisms in our body.

How do I get from candida vaginitis

Factors that affect this balance, such as especially the prolonged use of antibiotics, the presence of estrogen after puberty or in the form of female hormonal preparations (eg. Oral contraceptives), promote the activation of the fungus that proliferates consequently causing inflammation genital tissue (vaginitis).

So all of us normally host candida; only the excessive amount, favored by trigger factors, generating inflammation.

What are the symptoms of vaginitis

Burning, redness, itching, swelling of the external genitalia and appearance of white secretions characteristics, similar to ricotta.

How is vaginitis, what are the remedies

With drug (antifungals) for local and systemic use (by mouth).

FAQ vaginte

If I contracted candida vaginitis, there is a risk that it can pass it on to my partner

Generally vulvovaginal candidiasis is not considered a prevalent sexually transmitted disease, however, in the acute phase and until the end of therapy it is preferable to avoid sexual intercourse or use a condom.

It is not necessary; only in case of occurrence of inflammation of the male genitalia (eg. balanite) or in case of recurrent vulvovaginitis.


With antifungal creams for local or systemic treatments, your doctor will advise the most suitable product.

Because in some cases the infection recurrence

Sometimes the use of female hormones, the premenstrual phase, pregnancy, (due to the presence of high amounts of estrogen), states of immunosuppression, a diet rich in sugars, diabetes, intestinal disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, malabsorption ), taking cortisone, the spiral use, wear underwear too tight, non-breathable, are all factors favoring the overgrowth of the fungus.

Other times they develop candida colonies called "non-albicans"; in this case the gynecologist use antimycotics "broad spectrum" to hit the fungus resistant to the usual treatments.

Why it appears above the beach or in the pool

The spores of the fungus that may be present in the sand could favor the onset of dermatitis, but not of vaginitis.

Probably the hot and humid environment and different power (Rural) induce bacterial balance changes with excessive proliferation of the fungus.

With menstruation, worse

Especially in the premenstrual phase, the special hormonal climate favors the onset of infection.


The hormonal climate high estrogen content, promotes infection. The treatments with creams or local plugs are allowed pregnant naturally only on doctor's prescription.

In the case of vaginitis I can swim in the sea or in the pool?

In the acute phase it is better to stay dry, or at least not to extend the bath too long: Candida loves moist, so avoid even stay with the wet swimsuit. For the shower of course no problem, just dry well.

Can I use tampons

Yes, but they must be replaced every 6-8 hours; It is better to alternate with the external ones.

Can I go to the gy

Yes, attention to excessive sweating.

Can I wear the pants

Yes, provided they are not too tight, also prefer cotton underwear and avoid prolonged use of tights.

Should I follow a special diet

Avoid excessive consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cakes). In case of intestinal disorders (irritable bowel syndrome) assume lactic ferments or consume daily yogurt.

There is correlation between irritable colon and candid
Yes, the alteration of the intestinal microbial flora favors the development of candida.

What hygiene standards

No too many washes and exchanges of towels; in women of childbearing age use cleansers to slightly acidic pH, neutral in menopause and for girls.

Stress encourages the development of candida?

Probably any interference that might occur on the immune system and the intestinal ecosystem (irritable bowel syndrome of anxious subjects) do not contribute in a random manner, in favoring the virulence of the fungus.

The use of antibiotics

Antibiotics kill most of the bacteria, especially in the intestine, but not the mushrooms; this allows an uncontrolled growth of candida with consequent inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.

It is advisable to carry out a thorough waxing pubic / external genital area, in case of local infection candida

No, contrary to what commonly it may be considered, such practice does not involve the achievement of an improved hygienic condition, but on the contrary, irritating the skin would expose it to a greater risk of infection.

Contact your doctor for more information. The information provided on (what the health) is of a general nature and for purely disclosure purposes can in no way replace the advice of a physician (or a legally qualified person) or, in specific cases, of other operators health.

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