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Pediatrics and neonatal

Breastfeeding useful for the physical and psychological health of the best for you and your baby

Breastfeeding useful for the physical and psychological health of the best for you and your baby, in spite of its importance, however, many mothers may control in them some false beliefs that hinder born without the full benefit of breast milk, and these beliefs:

1-not a full breast milk will not satisfy my baby:

Natural mother not to feel fuller breast milk soon after birth, according to The body adapts to the needs of the baby milk and can increase suddenly occur to meet the growing needs of the child.

2-My baby sleeps a lot during the night, to be full of it:

Not necessarily, newborn child needs to wake up to get it needed milk.

3-My baby's crying and banging going on during lactation is an insatiable need for industrial feed:

There are many reasons to cry, not necessarily assume that the milk, because crying and agitation of the natural things in children from the age of 6-8 weeks, and this experience is not successful at all because the child will accept even if they're not hungry because the bottle is easier on the child from breastfeeding and easy to get used to it and this is incompatible with breastfeeding and its importance.

4. My child does not suckle at a normal rate:

Let the child determines when to be ready to suckle and when it starts feeding Antzerah even full, remember that a child can remain on your breast for an hour is not full because it does not stick to the nipple well and in turn can be full in a few minutes if the babies properly, although Nam during lactation Click on the breast milk to flow easily.

5-I feel that milk a few:

Must not Taatothrey those ideas, most of the mothers to have a lot of milk, but they do not know the problem is that the child can not get this milk is usually because the milk does not flow, and here we must resort to suction the milk for your child to get food

No need to wake up a sleeping baby, but if 3 hours have passed and more can the mother puts on her chest proper situation and therefore Herda very normal and placed alternately on a very Alsdr..omanm feeding the child on demand

Top 10 tips to calm the child when crying

Sometimes haunt the child hysterical bouts of crying mother is unable to control it stands is unable to determine the cause of the crying child.
And know the best 10 tips to calm the child when crying.
Baby clothes wrapped well (lap), gives him a feeling of warm and pleasant like of his own in the womb of the mother. Must be well wrapped until the move his hands or feet can not easily, especially if his months in the first three.
Changing the status of the child. If you are carrying a child in a certain position and still cry, you should probably change his position; sometimes baby sleep on his stomach, for example, helps out in the greenhouse gas colic him.
Keep it hears a sound in the room quiet calm as the sound of the radio which is known as white noise.
You can use pacifiers (Altatinh) if it helps to calm the child Bhrtk have been accustomed to breastfeeding altogether. Research has shown it helps to reduce the incidence of sudden death in newborns.
Whisper in the ear of your baby during crying would soothe your baby a lot, but you must be aloud to the child.
Continuous movement helps to calm the baby so much. Put it in a hammock, rocking chair, or put it in his chair with him and shook watchlist.
Studies have shown that children become much quieter and less crying if you use them a massage, just massaging the child's body in a soft and light.
Use a baby carrier may help to calm the child and the impulse to sleep probably because of constant movement and will give you a chance to rest from the drive.
Children can swallow a lot of air gases causing them and not feel comfortable here and can be restless burping them frequently. Put it in the appropriate situation, whether on your shoulder or could make him sleep on his stomach on the leg and Btabdoba light on the back will improve a lot.
If you suspect that your child is crying in excess of the normal limit you can consult your pediatrician, the reason is probably due to the membership problem, but usually there's no reason; Some children cry more than other children


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