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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Loss weight with water

Loss weight with water

Successful weight loss strategies are characterized as adopting small changes and the loss of medium and objectives realistic and logical weight; as a person who loses a little weight choice high-healthy foods contents of nutrients with the practice of sport is more likely to keep the weight they lose and more opportunity to get the health benefits of a person who loses a lot of weight by following a diet creator is built on solid foundations

Benefits of water in weight loss

It helps to drink adequate amounts of water on the feeling of satiety, and reduces the amount of food intake, as it prevents the intake of food, which sometimes gets because of thirst instead of hunger, as if the person deals with some of the foods that contain water to compensate for his sense of thirst rather than addressing water directly, as it can be mixed with a person's sense of hunger and thirst, so that does not distinguish it just needs to drink water and not to eat.

Found that drinking water before meals helps you feel full and reduces the amount of food intake during the meal, where a study found that drinking water before meals reduces the amount of calorie intake by 75 calories, and considers this amount poignant, even if did not seem great, but the repeat reducing this quantity (75 calories in one meal a day) throughout the year, for example, produces a decline equivalent to 27,000 calories a year, equivalent to 3.5 kilograms each year, this is what could result from water intake by one meal a day, and of course can be obtained the biggest differences in the case have been adopted to drink water before meals eaten all day

Can water plays an important and clear role in weight loss if handled instead of high-calorie beverages, such as that the person familiar with, for example, to drink soft drinks or drinks containing precious and sugar and then replace it by drinking water, which could significantly reduce the amount of calories calorie intake per day, and contributes to weight loss, also contributes to choose the person for food with a high content of water, such as vegetables, fruits and soups to make the choices nutritionally more fulfilling, and makes it more fit on the dietary fiber that require more time to chew and eat a diet, which also contributes in reducing the amount of food and calorie intake.

Some preliminary studies have found that eating water increases the calorie burn rate, and in a study of seven men and seven women healthy non-infected overweight found that eating about 500 ml of water may raise the metabolic rate by 30%, where this rally started in 10 minutes after the water intake and reached its highest level during the 30-40 careful, disagreed reason to increase the rate of metabolism in both men and women, where the fat burning is the reason for this rise in men, while in women was caused by burning carbohydrates.

According to the results of this study, the person who increases the handling of water can be lifted from the burning of calories, and found that it can be interpreted so that 40% of these simple increase in calories burned by the body because of the body heat of the water intake, but you need these simple effects in burning calories kinetic to the great scientific research to support and clarify, and mentions that even if these results were confirmed they are considered simple and limited number of calories per day only and which can be considered that the water fat burner, as some claim.

Be the effects of water to help in controlling the amount of food, calorie intake and weight loss more pronounced in people who are not eating water enough before you start following the diet for weight loss; where the water is essential in all metabolic processes carried out by the body, causing shortages decrease in efficiency this Alamilit.uallah, the water contributes to the process of weight loss without having magical effects incendiary fat is also promoted by some in the diets of innovators.

The daily needs of water

Different needs of the person from the water depending on the weight, place of living, and level of physical activity, and are getting the daily requirement simply by listening to the body and to drink water when thirsty, and found that in 2100 mL intake to 2800 mL per day of water is sufficient, so that included this amount of water also found as part of the installation of the food, while drink water directly occupied the equivalent of 1200 to 1500 ml per day.

Can rely on urine properties of color and scent to assess the adequacy of the body of water or not; where color conqueror, and has no odor in the event of the amount of water intake was sufficient, while a dark color and the appearance of the smell of urine on the inability of the body get adequate amounts of water.

Damage to water diet

Despite the many water health benefits and need to be addressed in sufficient quantities, but it must take caution to those who follow popular diets that rely on large amounts of water or the so-called diet or a diet of water, which can take on other different every time depending on its source form , as some of these diets are encouraged to drink large amounts of water, which can cause in certain cases of water poisoning, which happens when eating large amounts of water during short periods of time, as can be these diets recommend avoiding completely eat or sufficiency eating one type or one serving of a single food group, and it is harmful to health, and may cause fatigue, and can cause serious acute effects due to food deprivation.

It is also not healthy water intake alone without obtaining the necessary mineral salts for the balance of fluids and electrolytes the body, and in general should not fall under the trap of these diets and other diets creator, also must obtain the advice of nutritionists until the weight loss in a healthy and sound.


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