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Of pregnancy Cluster

Of pregnancy Cluster

Cluster pregnancy is a non-cancerous tumor arises in the womb. Cluster pregnancy occurs when the placenta develop into a group of cysts (Cysts) (what looks like vesicles) and evolve to carry a healthy tissue containing placenta and fetus intact.
No full cluster pregnancy, placenta tissue intact at all, and there is also Jenin, in contrast, the cluster partial load there is little sound placenta tissue as well as tissue Jenin improper, and therefore can not be made up the Jenin district.
Cluster pregnancy may turn into a rare type of tumor, and therefore must urgently address this situation. The follow-up to the cautious path of an important cluster of pregnancy in order to reduce the complications of this problem and to allow for a pregnancy properly in the future.
Pregnancy symptoms cluster
Pregnancy appears, in the early stages of pregnancy cluster, Salim Lamb, but then the symptoms begin to appear, a cluster of pregnancy:
- It shows vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy, and often have a dark brown to bright red.
- Severe nausea and vomiting.
- Cyst out, be formed by grapes.
- Sense of pressure or pain in the pelvic area.
During the examination we note the following things:
- Very fast inflation in the womb, meaning that the size of the uterus is a very large proportion of the size of the uterus is supposed to be at this stage of pregnancy.
- high blood pressure.
- Pre-eclampsia (Preeclampsia).
- Cysts in the ovaries.
- Anemia (Anemia).
Hyperthyroidism. (Hyperthyroidism).
The causes and risk factors for pregnancy Cluster
It is in a healthy pregnancy fertilization of the egg from the mother, by the sperm of the father, which contain 46 chromosomes (chromosome) (Chromosome).
23 chromosomes (chromosome) originating from the mother's egg and the 23 remaining source of the sperm with the Father.
Be the source of all the chromosomes of the father in the full cluster of pregnancy, due to the loss of chromosomes, which originate from the mother, and paternal chromosomes doubled the source.
There is no cluster in the partial load, loss of chromosomes, which originate from the mother, but the group will be doubling of chromosomes originating Father, ie, that the fertilized egg contains 69 chromosomes.
Cluster partial pregnancy happens, when there is a doubling of the number of chromosomes originating from the Father, or after vaccination one egg at the hands of two animals Mnoyen different.
Cluster pregnancy rate of one per 1000 births happen. But there are several risk factors that lead to the conception of the cluster:
- Age - Pregnancy Cluster more common in pregnancies occur in women age 35 and older generation, or girls under the age of 20 pw.
- Download cluster Sabak- cluster likelihood of pregnancy in women who already happened to them carrying cluster, higher than the 10 times the incidence among the rest of the women.
- Cluster groups Argih- pregnancy is more common in women out of Southeast Asia.
Complications of pregnancy Cluster
I have 10% of the cases after dropping cluster pregnancy, take out the diseased tissue of the placenta remains in the uterus tissue cluster that continues to grow. This can be seen when it's a blood test, showing high levels of the hormone pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding occurs, in the case of cluster penetrate tissue layers of the uterus. This situation requires chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) and generally end up successfully. There is no possibility of treating pregnancy cluster in another way, a hysterectomy (Hysterectomy).
Develop tissue cluster, in very rare instances, to become cancerous tissue - choriocarcinoma (Choriocarcinoma) has run rampant for up to other organs in the body. Chorionic carcinoma treatment depends, too, on the integration of chemical drugs, usually crowned with success.
Diagnosis of pregnancy Cluster
We can, in the first stage, to note the high level of the pregnancy hormone (HCG- Human chorionic gonadotropin). In the examination of ultrasound (US), who prefers to take place at this stage through the vagina (Transvaginal), can often note the lack of Jenin, the lack of amniotic fluid (Amniotic fluid), placenta thick and filled with Eissat fills the uterine cavity, and the presence of cysts in the ovaries . Be symptom cluster in the partial load, partial less severe and more.
Must, in the case of diagnosed or suspected pregnancy racemosa, checking the presence of anemia, hyperthyroidism, and whether women suffer from pre-eclampsia (Preeclampsia).
Treat pregnancy Cluster
There is no chance that the pregnancy turns cluster to load properly, so they must remove the cluster pregnancy as soon as possible.
Pregnancy is removed by surgery, it may be conducted under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The postoperative period is short, and most likely last for 15 minutes up to 30 minutes. The process is done through the vagina does not require abdominal incision. In case the size of a large hydatid tissue, and women do not have the desire to reproduce, can be fully hysterectomy.
Made after the surgery, follow-up pregnancy hormone level in the blood, in order to make sure it has the removal of tissue cluster completely. After the return hormone levels to normal level, follow the situation for half a year and will continue until the year. The doctor may advise during this period, not pregnancy to make sure that increasing the height of the pregnancy hormone is the result of the evolution of tissue hydatid again.
Prevention of pregnancy Cluster
Recommended closely watched cases that previously a mirror in which it has been carrying cluster, and supervision in the early stages of the next pregnancy, so that the likelihood of pregnancy to have cluster is 10 times more likely to happen with the rest of the women.
It is important to remember, that the dropping of the fetus is a difficult and frustrating process, so it is important to wait after pregnancy Cluster and give body and soul enough time to Ataavia of shock.
You need the patient after the curettage and cleaning process of carrying cluster continuing to follow up with your physician; to examine the abdomen and uterus and ovaries; to make sure she comes back to its natural size, and ovaries happen by cysts (cysts) as a result of skyrocketing hormone of pregnancy, but after that the hormone up the load to row


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