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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin

Important tips

Important tips

Ten tips to reduce the risk of stroke:. controlling blood pressure.
. control of blood sugar.
. Stay away from smoking.
. Exercising daily.
. lowering cholesterol.
. followers of the diet.
. reduced salt diet.
. periodic examinations to detect and may reduce the risk of disease.
. Dealing with the psychological pressures and stresses of everyday life and use relaxation exercises.
. Follow-up treatment of chronic diseases such as heart disease and anemia may cause a stroke if left untreated, and periodic follow-up.

Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Diet: There is no standardized diet for the disease, all patients get upset and affected by different types of foods, so it avoid these foods, which detects personal experience.
Laxatives: use fiber-rich foods and medicines laxatives to combat chronic constipation.
Antispasmodics: used drugs antispasmodic for the treatment of pain (colic), preferably administered before meals, half an hour to avoid cramping before it happens.
Antidiarrheals: used in the event of severe diarrhea, and are as diverse and are all my time effect
Anti-GAS: used to puff, and including coal medical and simethicone
Antidepressants: Gives the use of antidepressant medication a high rate of improvement of up to 89%, and should be used for periods of not less than two months continuous.


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