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FAQ About sensitive organic diseases

FAQ About  sensitive organic diseases

Q: Is masturbation often reduced in number of sperm and weaken movement and activity has an impact on premature ejaculation
A: masturbation does not reduce the number of sperm and has no effect on premature ejaculation, but otherwise delay ejaculation
Q: The weakness of the body in terms of weight and lack of appetite are open eater affect the production of active sperm
A: Yes, bodily weakness affects the production of active spermatozoa
Q: What is the difference between sperm and viscous fluid? This is the reason for the difference in sperm and its activities and its ability to reproduce the strength of animals in the future knowing that I am a young smoker and 29 years of Age and not married
A: As for the woman, you can not distinguish the laboratory technician only in the knowledge of this matter, the viscosity equipment have an impact on the movement of sperm and not the number.
Q: I am young newlyweds for 6 months, and yet I have not opened my wife with eggs, they have an excellent and happily, and the penis, I have a good position, but when the reports start fast and The team can penetrate virginity has used Viagra pills more than once, but without success
A: I hope the inhibitor is not a self-worker or omission on the part of the spouse, the understanding between husband and wife and the presence of satisfaction and love between them is an important factor in finalizing the process. Cure all HALDOL 1 mg tablet before sex two hours, on Viagra and try again. And if you could take your wife to a doctor or gynecologist for a hysterectomy consultation, and this process is easy and has no complications, and then go easy things, God willing.
Erotic video | Male reproductive system Regions | Female reproductive system Video | Video response to sexual irritation | vagina
Q: 1 / I am 25 years old and I am addicted to masturbation for 18 years, my question is if this habit affects the process of fertilization, when my marriage
2 / the process of ejaculation was soon Is this a sign that I without sex, if so, how can I cope with this situation and thanked Tnsahonna
A: There is no effect of masturbation on man's ability to impregnate with a hand, whereas on the one hand the process of launching Vhdtha quickly does not impotence impotence, and there is a cure is detected for such a case, after his house.
Q: I often feel that the head of the penis is not as rigid as I want, what is the reason for this expansion? It will make a cure for multiple future erections better knowing that sometimes I feel stiff, but after a while, as before, in other words, sometimes I feel that the sex and reproduction of the P headquarters means that I cooled Sexual in terms of weak sex
A: The reason for relaxation followed eroticism in organic complex cases for treatment, but depending on your condition and your class is not organic but psychological and what you feel does not mean the existence of sexuality Brod these natural things Which can go through all the young people.
Q: I have three months before the young married and, luckily,
I ask Your Excellency to answer this question any opening to all of his colleagues in Tunisia do not want to touch these questions exactly, because it does not make sense, especially at the beginning of my marriage:
At each meeting, and my wife the day after ovulation, nearly a week, my wife pursues the same cases show that this disease of pregnancy, nausea and changes man's humor came etc. performance intensive period mainly sexual fertility to achieve pregnancy, God willing.
And it lasts for two weeks until the session comes to my wife and let Kazemin after the conviction that he holds the power of God, especially that these cases did not come to my wife before marriage.
O Lord, I want you to tell me? That could have happened to vaccinate ovulation but could not?
It lasted until the sexual activity in potential nesting season, especially if you have a woman to shake loering several times the impact on nesting?
These cases can be observed immediately after fertilization few days?
Lord, Dr.'m in dire need of a friendly response flour enriched my humble and has no meaning before reading your articles and Malvatk and stand as a tribute to his achievements.
In conclusion, Dr. Sidi Shafi Wardak wait while under the care of God and keep it.
A: This perspective. And the exercise of citizenship and access to orgasm does not affect this period.
I advise you to leave things naturally do not worry and tension from the beginning of the marriage. Usually, the women feel any symptoms embarazao after the date of the session and not after ovulation

Q: I see your presence is very worried since childhood and now I'm 36 and about to get married after a month and, if God wants Veugd since children in other words slouch in the scrotum, and the search of the bag does not it is full and operating, but in some cases, do not always come with knowing I I do not feel any symptoms of fatigue or anything and the process of normal erection, but was sprayed landing this case bothers me very pre-marriage does not know what to do
A: I would recommend you consult a urologist or a specialist infertility specialist to make sure to consider the size of the testicles. .
Q: I have been married for nearly three months and three days ago, was a loss of libido and accompanied by a lack of erection of the penis during my attempts with my wife, and it turned out that the reason is in pain serious injury prostate. . So I ask you Bavadta of the most appropriate means of medical guidelines for the treatment of this problem, and if possible let me know the name of drugs for the treatment and antibiotics because of the seriousness of the psychological situation, because this
And all thanks to you
A: I hope that the decline in women and infertility specialist or urologist in recruitment and treatment required
Contact your doctor for more information. The information provided on (what the health) is of ageneral nature and for purely disclosure purposes can in no way replace the advice of a physician (or a legally qualified person) or, in specific cases, of other operators health.

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