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Vaginitis symptoms and treatment

Wrong habits leads to infection vaginal inflammation

Wrong habits lead to infection of vaginal infections

We talked about today, Dr. Nihad Farouk specialist obstetrics & gynecology, which showed us that vaginal infections are among the most women's injuries that most women suffer from, where he caused a lot of pain, gonorrhea, itching, occur most infections from resulting from bacteria, fungi and protozoa pollution.

It starts the inflammation after the secretion of these bacteria for a lot of waste, causing itching, swelling, and increased in pregnancy insomnia and malnutrition and the use of certain medications period, and adds Dr. Nihad Farooq said there were a lot of wrong habits practiced by women affect and contribute to the vulnerability to infections vaginal, most notably:

- Wear some women underwear made of synthetic fibers "Polyester," What is something wrong and unhealthy expose them to infection inflammation vaginal, so it is necessary to wear made types of cotton, they allow ventilation and sweat absorption, also need to be changed constantly to prevent and protect against bacteria and inflammation .

- Itching nail when infections, because the nails contain bacteria, and therefore multiply bacteria.

- Lack of attention to the cleanliness of the vagina and the bladder before the marital relationship increases the chances of transmission of the bacteria to the couple, so it should pay attention to personal care to avoid transmitting the infection and bacteria from man to woman and vice versa.

- Do not go to the doctor when the woman's risk of vaginal secretions that are accompanied by unpleasant odor contributes to the transmission of infection from the vagina to the uterus.

- Frequent use of vaginal shower, which is sold in pharmacies without consulting your doctor, since it leads to transmission of infection from the vagina to the cervix, and contributes to the death of the bacteria is not harmful to the vagina.

- The use of disinfectants without vaginal mitigate and lack of commitment to the Application of Standards, special contribute to infections, so it must be adhered to apply the conditions of use.

- Women to worry, stress and lack of sleep leads to poor immunity of the body exposed, and thus women become more susceptible to repeated infections

In the end, he advises Dr. Nihad Farouk by following simple health habits without overkill and does not neglect and a review of specialist doctors and non-Jawe for recipes than others may lead to medical complications


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