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Hi, I know you're here because you want to lose weight but you do not know how you want to have a celebrity figure but you do not know how you've already spent a lot of money on products that are not worth it and every time you try to lose weight you go back to the same thing over and over again Today I will tell you the secret that I thin


Benefit from omega-3 to the fetus:

If your mother consumed during pregnancy Omega 3, you are going to be on what seems to be more intelligent, and enjoyed seeing the best.
. The benefits of omega-3 in the period of breast-feeding:
If the mother during lactation consumption of Omega 3, they develop your intelligence and thus reduce the chances of injury from dyslexia and learning problems, lack of concentration of ADHD.
. The benefits of omega-3 in the kindergarten and school:
If you're in a generation kindergarten or school and consuming Omega 3, you'll be charged an academic higher, your ability to learn and focus will be improved, and the less your chances of various diseases.
. The benefits of omega-3 in the teen generation:
If you're a teenager, Consumption of Omega 3 helps to withstand the pressure, and reduce aggression and violence, and strengthen the immune system.
. The benefits of omega-3 at the age of 20 years:
If you're in a generation 20 years and consume Omega 3, so you reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, and various autoimmune diseases, and will become your mood better everyday pressures and assume better.
. The benefits of omega-3 to the girl at the age of 20:
If you are at the age of 20 years, 3 Valomija help reduce weight and keep it, and help to increase your fertility.
. The benefits of omega-3 during pregnancy:
If you are pregnant and Tsthlkin Omega 3, the results of the pregnancy be better (birth weight and head circumference), and apparently will Tqll your risk of postpartum depression. Child sleeps better at night!
. Omega benefits for women after the age of forty:
If you are female in the age of post-forty Valomija 3 is also important to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
. The benefits of omega-3 at the age of 50:
If you Bamral 50, Omega 3 is important for you to limit the risk of various diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the level of triglycerides, "Algeletseroiadat" you will have less.
. The benefits of omega-3 at the age of 70:
If you are at the age of 70, do not give up on Omega 3 - it helps in maintaining brain function, and reduce the risk of neurological diseases, have improved memory, mood and strengthen the immune system.
As it turned out above, the Omega 3 task for all ages, and in all cases! That is why it is worth focusing on good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which include: the cold sea water fish, sage leaf, mosses and cold sea water. As well as it can be found in a concentration of less than linseed oil, flaxseed, portulaca, nuts, spinach and canola oil. Moreover, it is possible the consumption of omega-3 through dietary supplements sold in pharmacies

Vaginal secretions during pregnancy

It increases the load of vaginal discharge that does not indicate the presence of disease unless the shape is familiar, and this is the case that warrant consult your doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment, while in the case of increasing the secretions but Aalchukl uncommon to have do not worry.

To avoid taking inflammation stick to the rules of hygiene, including:

Be washing after entering the bathroom from front to back so that germs are not transmitted from the anus to the vagina.

Loew switch towels and bath regularly.

Taking into account the pair hygiene rules before a private meeting with his wife.


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