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Delay childbearing

Delay childbearing

There are many reasons for the delay in reproduction, but can be divided into three main reasons

 - Reasons related to the pair

Such as the severe shortage in the number of sperm of the husband and says the World Health Organization (WHO) that the number has to be more than twenty million per cubic millimeter as well as there may be a weakness in the movement and must be at least 50% from a moving animal or an increase in forms abnormal and which should not exceed 30% of the total number of sperm.

 - Reasons related to the wife

* The existence of a defect in the fallopian tubes

The embolism after surgery or as a result of a previous inflammation of the pelvis and the tubes or congenital defects in the tube, and it represents 30% of cases of delayed childbearing while the reasons for their spouse, ranging from 40% to 50%.

* Disorder irregular ovulation

And this represents about 25% of cases and the most common causes irregular ovulation are:

* * The presence of ovarian cysts

Which constitutes about 80% to 90% of the causes of irregular ovulation addition he is there some other reasons the least important.

* * The existence of congenital defects in the womb

Faculties, such as the absence of the uterus or ovaries the absence of a fully or the presence of antibodies of semen, whether in liquid or in a pair of blood in the blood of her husband or the wife, secretions found in the female reproductive organ.

* Alondomitriozs or migration of endometrial

In these situations, there are some of the lining of the uterus in place her outside the normal and is the cavity of the uterus, such as the presence on the ovaries or pelvic ligaments or on the uterus and is affecting reproduction in different ways.

- Reproduction delayed for unknown reasons

There is a range of cases and where there is no apparent reason for the delay reproduction.


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